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Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Of all the tools that Amazon gives its sellers, nothing is more important than your product listing. Your Amazon product listing is your one chance to impress a customer and convince them to purchase from your store, as well as your one chance to ensure that your products are found in the first place through effective search engine optimization (SEO) on the Amazon platform.

Given these two vital roles that your product listing plays, Amazon listing creation services are by far some of the most valuable investments an Amazon brand or seller can make. In addition to helping you create a listing that is designed to be as appealing as possible to potential customers, the best Amazon listing optimization providers will also be able to leverage Amazon SEO services and tools in order to create a listing that will rank highly for relevant searches and get your product in front of more shoppers.

Throughout this page, we'll take a look at all that goes into Amazon listing optimization and discuss how an Amazon SEO expert and Amazon ranking services can help you develop a product listing that will successfully attract, connect with, and convert more customers on the marketplace.


Amazon Keyword Tool

Since Amazon’s product search algorithm looks at keyword indexation, seller ranking, product reviews, and price, creating the best possible Amazon listing starts with choosing the right SEO-rich keywords. These keywords can appear in your product title, bullet points, and the product description that you create for your listing—and few factors have more of an impact on how many potential shoppers find your products than the keywords that you choose to include in your listing.

Let's say, for instance, that you are selling a shaving set on Amazon. In this example, Amazon search terms such as "shaving set," "shaving products," "men's shaving set," and so forth are all search terms that a consumer looking for this product is likely to search on the platform. By including relevant keywords such as these throughout the written copy in your product listing, you can improve your listing's ranking for such searches and get your product in front of more interested customers. Learn even more about keyword indexation and top Amazon SEO copy and marketing strategies here.

Of course, choosing the right keywords for your listing is sometimes easier said than done. Thankfully, making use of an Amazon keyword tool is one effective way to simplify this process. For example, one of the best Amazon keyword research tools on the market today is Helium 10. This Amazon listing optimization tool enables you to search over 450 million ASINs in their database and perform comprehensive keyword research and analysis in order to help you choose the best keywords based on products, target audience(s), seasonality, profit, opportunity, etc. 

In addition to using tools such as Helium 10, working with an Amazon listing optimization service provider is another great way to ensure you’re producing competitive listing copy with the best keywords for your brand—while keeping all of your marketplace branding and creative assets, including your Storefront and A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content, cohesive across the platform. Let’s dive into that more in the next section...


Amazon Listing Services Provider

If you’re looking for the most effective way to optimize your listing's SEO as well as create a listing that will convert customers once they find it, hiring an Amazon listing service provider is critical. A good Amazon agency or Amazon retailer will be able to offer a wide range of listing optimization services, including writing product descriptions, researching and choosing the right keywords, optimizing your listing's SEO, and providing regular Amazon listing analysis to ensure that your listing is always competitive and up-to-date with your audience’s needs. Plus, if you experience suppressed Amazon listings, these services can help mitigate revenue loss by quickly fixing the issue and ensuring customers can search for and find your products. Some Amazon seller consultants also offer the creation of crucial conversion-driving platform branding elements such as video, photography progressions, A+ Content, Amazon Store, and help with your Amazon Advertising strategy. For example, select SupplyKick partners have seen a 2x increase in conversion by updating their Amazon creative alone. Learn more in our Amazon Brand Marketing Lookbook.

Leveraging the talents of Amazon marketing experts who will be able to hone your listing into a tool that is designed to garner attention and generate sales may be worth it for you and your team, especially if you are limited on time, budget, resources, or simply don’t have that level of expertise about Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces.


Amazon Listing Copywriter

Besides the keywords themselves, another critical component of any Amazon listing is the written copy that it includes—and the best Amazon listing optimization services will include an Amazon product description writing service as part of their offering. With on-brand, well-written, engaging content, you can develop listings that build trust, authenticity, loyalty, and convert new and repeat customers on the platform.

A good Amazon listing copywriter will work closely with you to learn more about your brand story, audience, goals, and products before creating content designed to make those products as appealing to potential buyers as possible. Any Amazon listing writer that you hire will also ideally have a marketing background so as to understand what it takes to write content that will generate sales. Lastly, a good product listing copywriter should obviously display the ability to communicate clearly and professionally in order to create polished, well-written listings that let customers know they are buying from a reliable, respectable, and legitimate Amazon brand or 3P seller.

If you are looking to invest in Amazon services that will optimize your product listings, finding an agency that provides you with an Amazon listing creator who is experienced at writing, developing, and designing high-quality content is a must. This important service can go a long way towards helping you develop listings that are designed to sell, so be sure not to overlook the value of working with a talented Amazon product description writer.


Amazon Launch Service

Have a new product you’d like to launch on Amazon? A successful launch is its own unique challenge. If you want your new product to become your next best-seller, it isn't enough to simply create an optimized listing for it and hope for the best. Instead, you need to develop a robust Amazon launch plan that will give your product the essential early momentum it needs to rise up the Amazon rankings.

There is a lot that goes into successfully launching a new Amazon product, from pairing your launch with paid advertisements in order to boost its sales momentum, to generating early reviews for your product. Thankfully, some agencies can also help you create an effective Amazon product launch by creating and/or optimizing your listing, running effective PPC campaigns, and developing strategies to generate increased product visibility and customer reviews.

If you are launching a new product on Amazon, employing an Amazon launch service is by far one of the best ways to ensure that your product launch goes off without a hitch. At SupplyKick, we’ve helped many brands launch new products on Amazon and quickly turn those products into bestsellers. Mac Sports and Henry's House of Coffee are two great examples of how working with an established agency or exclusive seller can make your product launch less stressful and more successful.


Amazon SEO Consultant

The days of checking off the basic elements of a product listing and still counting on it selling well are unfortunately gone. Today, competition on Amazon and customer expectations are higher than ever. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to create powerful product listings that are fully optimized, professionally polished, and designed from top to bottom to generate sales.

Working with an Amazon marketing agency that provides Amazon optimization services, therefore, is by far one of the most effective ways to set yourself up for success on the platform. From giving you access to an Amazon SEO consultant who will be able to properly optimize your listing, to working with a team of marketers, photographers, and copywriters who will be able to help you create listings that are designed to convert, there is a ton of value that a good Amazon listing company can offer.

At SupplyKick, we are proud to offer industry-leading Amazon listing optimization services. Connect with us to learn more about our partnerships, pricing, strategy, and more.

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