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Amazon Brand Marketing Lookbook

Did you know updating your brand marketing strategy alone can lead to a 2x increase in conversion on your Amazon store? Find best practices and creative solutions for photography, video, A+ Content, and Storefront.

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Amazon Brand Marketing Lookbook: Inspiration and best practices for Amazon storefronts

Amazon Creative Services

Over 75% of online product searches start on Amazon—and for an Amazon marketplace seller, this exposure to potential shoppers also comes with steep competition. But how can your Amazon business stand out in an already saturated marketplace? Successful Amazon agencies and Amazon wholesale sellers know that how you represent your products and brand online is crucial to cutting through the noise. Creating and implementing a thoughtful Amazon marketing strategy can attract new potential buyers, legitimize your brand, and ultimately increase marketplace sales. 

To help paint a full picture of Amazon content marketing, we’ll explore:

  1. Essential elements of an Amazon marketing strategy
  2. How marketing and creative support advertising on Amazon
  3. What brand partnerships are and how to choose the right Amazon creative agency for your brand

With a deeper understanding of the different types of Amazon marketing and how your efforts should work together, you'll be able to evaluate whether Amazon creative services or a full-service agency is right for your business.


Amazon Marketing Strategy

Implementing a comprehensive Amazon product marketing strategy is one of the most impactful changes a brand can make to drive more traffic and increase Amazon sales. Optimizing listing copy for Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) helps to drive traffic, while showcasing high-quality creative allows shoppers to connect with your product on the digital shelf and ultimately make a purchasing decision. 

A well-planned Amazon strategy should include:

Each element should support and strengthen the other. A consistent Amazon marketing strategy not only legitimizes your brand and converts Amazon shoppers into loyal customers, it’s also a key factor in Amazon’s algorithm for determining where a product ranks in its search results. 

Up next, we’ll talk about how to leverage your Amazon marketing to maximize your Amazon PPC advertising. A good paid Amazon Ad strategy uses your brand, keywords, and visuals to bring in new customers. A great ad strategy aligns with your organic content to ensure a smooth experience for buyers from ad to product listing. 


Amazon Advertising Strategy

Amazon is a pay-to-play marketplace—and a strong Amazon PPC advertising strategy is extremely powerful for building brand awareness and improving sales efficiency. When planning an ad campaign, first define your goals and budget, then choose one of the Amazon ad types available:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products increase product visibility and sales.
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands build brand awareness and discovery.
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos show your products in action and build trust.
  • Amazon Display Advertising (also known as Sponsored Display) and Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) enable brands to reach, retarget, and re-engage audiences on and off the Amazon platform.

Always remember, your Amazon PPC management strategy should work in tandem with your marketing efforts. By reusing product imagery, targeted keywords, and videos across your Amazon marketing and advertising strategies, you’ll provide a more seamless customer experience as they click through the ad to explore your products. Watch one of SupplyKick’s Brand Marketing experts talk through this more below:



Amazon Brand Partnerships

Managing and growing your Amazon business is a full-time job—and if you’re short on time or expertise, enlisting an Amazon seller consultant for marketing and creative services can support your marketplace growth. 

Specialized Amazon agencies can help with marketing and creative, Amazon SEO, or advertising. Take a look through the Amazon Ads Partner Network to source Amazon advertising services (and find SupplyKick as a verified partner here). Amazon has merged their Creative Service Marketplace with their Ads Network, so you’ll also be able to research and find agencies focused on the creative side of your business. The best kinds of Amazon brand partnerships and agencies have mastered both the creative and ads side of Amazon, since these critical elements should work closely together to drive increased traffic and convert shoppers on your listings and Storefront.

If you’re looking for a truly holistic Amazon brand partner, a full-service agency offers a wide range of services including Amazon marketing, Amazon performance advertising, Amazon brand management, and Amazon logistics. An all-in-one Amazon agency also ensures consistent brand marketing across all platforms. 


Ready to enlist Amazon creative services to accelerate growth?

With over a decade  of Amazon experience, SupplyKick is a top 3P seller and full-service agency helping brands grow on leading ecommerce marketplaces. We build collaborative, long-term partnerships, catering our expert strategies and solutions to each brand’s specific category, needs, and marketplace goals. As a member of the Amazon Ads Partner Network, we unify marketing efforts like custom Amazon A+ Content creation with advertising expertise to help our partners increase their revenue and maximize their marketplace success. 

Not happy with your marketplace performance? Need help with platform marketing, creative, advertising, forecasting, logistics, account management, pricing strategies? Looking for advice on your current listings? Connect with our team.

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