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Sponsored Display: A Guide to Amazon’s Newest Advertising Tool

Aug 26, 2020 2:24:03 PM

Amazon Sponsored Display Advertising

We get it: Advertising on Amazon takes a lot of time and manual work to manage for an assortment of products—doing this while trying to keep up with new ad features is nearly impossible.

We've done the heavy lifting for you this time around and summarized what to know about one of Amazon's latest advertising tools: Sponsored Display. (Including some impressive results we’ve seen from them below.) Let's dive right in:


What are Sponsored Display ads and who is eligible?

Formerly known as Product Display Ads, Sponsored Display was launched in 2019 to give power to sellers and agencies who wanted to expand their reach using Amazon display advertising that is easy to manage. Sponsored Display Ads allow sellers to engage relevant audiences on or off Amazon who are in the mindset of browsing, discovering, or purchasing products by placing their ad in front of consumers who have previously been on that listing, or a similar product's listing.

Found in the same Advertising Console as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display is available only to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies with clients who sell products on Amazon.


Sponsored Display targeting and audiences

Sponsored Display offers two different types of targeting available to a broad spectrum of audiences and users:

1. Audience Targeting

  • Searches: Shoppers who searched for keywords relevant to your advertised products
  • Views: Shoppers who viewed the detail pages of your advertised products or similar products
  • Purchases: Shoppers who previously purchased your advertised products

2. Product Targeting

  • Individual Products: Targets specific products’ listings you choose to display your advertised product on
  • Category: Targets all products’ listings within a specific chosen category to display your advertised product on
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Placement of Sponsored Display ads

We know Sponsored Display ads are meant to boost traffic to your product’s detail page. So where are sellers able to place these types of advertisements?

Thankfully there are many options for where to place your Sponsored Display ads. Currently, there are up to 10 different types of placements depending on mobile and desktop use. These placements vary between:

  • Search results on and off Amazon
  • Front page of Amazon
  • Directly on the product listing on Amazon
  • Articles and webpages off Amazon

Take a look below at some examples of placements of Sponsored Display ads:

Placement of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

*Ad mockups courtesy of Amazon


Pros and cons of Sponsored Display

First, Sponsored Display advertisements offer less competition which result in lowered cost per click (CPC) compared to other advertising. It also offers more available types of ad placements and a larger scope of audiences to target on/off Amazon. This can result in more people viewing your Sponsored Display advertisements and being driven to your product’s page.

Unfortunately, since the tool is new there are insufficient reporting methods. Instead of being able to export all Sponsored Display data via Bulk Operations, like you’re able to for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, Amazon only provides exportable data for campaigns with “Views” Targeting. All other targeting types listed above are not eligible for this data, which means sellers are not able to make bid optimizations or budget adjustments at large.


Impressive results using Sponsored Display

After 30 days of running Sponsored Display ads for one of our brand partners, SupplyKick found that the CPC was cheaper, at almost half the CPC of Sponsored Products

Within that 30-day time period, Sponsored Display Product Targeting also drove almost 2x more revenue per click and was over 3x more efficient with spend over Sponsored Products Product Targeting.


Get Sponsored Display up and running quickly

Staying up to date on everything Amazon advertising takes a lot of time and energy. Are you interested in partnering with a dedicated team who can effectively and efficiently grow your Amazon sales, manage Sponsored Display, and much more? Talk to us today.

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