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Success Story: Henry’s House of Coffee - Family-Owned Business Building an Amazon Presence

Sep 3, 2020 9:24:21 AM

Amazon Agency Partnership: Henry’s House of Coffee

The Brand

As a family-owned business rooted in tradition, Henry’s House of Coffee has had a successful coffee shop in the Bay Area since 1965. After growing their presence locally, they sought to expand their audience and ecommerce sales with the help of Amazon.


The Challenge

Selling consumable goods, or products that have an expiration date, on Amazon is tricky and tedious. Also, Henry’s House of Coffee was struggling to understand how to create their own Seller Central account and sell FBA—they didn’t have the bandwidth to research how to do it correctly and build the Amazon Storefront they wanted, while continuing to maintain their flagship store and vendor relationships.


The Solution

To transform their mom and pop shop into a national presence, Henry’s House of Coffee Googled phrases like “Amazon Seller Consultant” and “Amazon Seller Help” and found SupplyKick. They decided on an Agency partnership, where their team would maintain complete ownership of their product while SupplyKick focused on finding efficiencies in their logistics strategy, building out an Amazon Storefront, and optimizing product listings.  

Amazon Agency Solution for Henry’s House of Coffee  

Right away, SupplyKick got to work understanding Henry’s House of Coffee’s biggest needs. Since the coffee brand was trademarked, they filled out an application on behalf of the partner to be a Brand Registered seller. From application to logistics, SupplyKick also guided the coffee brand through the FBA process, which made their products eligible for Prime shipping, cut shipping costs, and boosted their organic rank.

SupplyKick ensured Henry’s House of Coffee’s expiration dates were in compliance with Amazon’s strict guidelines and advised on how to forecast the amount of inventory to start with. They created a branded Storefront that kept the coffee shop’s family story and mission front and center, launched Amazon Sponsored Ads, and placed the four different types of coffee in a variation on one single product listing—all of which increased sales and garnered more positive reviews.    

Henry's Amazon Agency Services: House of Coffee Storefront and Product Listing

An Agency partnership with SupplyKick has freed up time for Henry’s House of Coffee to develop new products and plan ahead for the holidays. Looking to the future, SupplyKick is focused on tackling the coffee brand’s next goal: increase sales volume to 300 bags of coffee per week on Amazon. The coffee category is incredibly expansive—it takes constant attention and improvements to get to the top of the search page—but Henry’s House of Coffee and SupplyKick are up for the challenge.

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