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Amazon FBA 2023 Holiday Calendar
Amazon FBA 2024 Holiday Calendar

Use this calendar and checklist to properly forecast FBA inventory, plan send-in dates, and reduce stockouts during peak Amazon shopping seasons.

2023 Amazon Marketing and Advertising Playbook

Your complete guide to accelerating Amazon sales and dominating the marketplace in 2023.

Webinar: 7 Ways to Increase Amazon Sales & Customer Engagement in 2022
7 Ways to Increase Amazon Sales & Customer Engagement in 2022

Industry insider tips from SupplyKick and FeedbackWhiz to increase Amazon marketplace success in 2022.

Partner Case Study: South Bend Woodworks
Capitalizing on Q4 Amazon Sales
Agency Case Study: South Bend Woodworks

Learn how SupplyKick optimized the brand's marketing and advertising for holiday season traffic, resulting in a 630% increase in ad-attributed sales during Q4.

Amazon Brand Marketing Lookbook

Optimizing your Amazon creative can lead to a 2x increase in conversion. Find inspiration and best practices for your Amazon store here.

Growing Sales Through Strategic Amazon Advertising
Agency Case Study: Ultra Ankle

With SupplyKick managing their advertising strategy, Ultra Ankle saw an 80% increase in Amazon sales year over year from Amazon ads.

Family-Owned Business Building an Amazon Presence
Agency Case Study: Henry's House of Coffee

Henry’s House of Coffee increased sales and review count, as well as cut shipping costs.

Teaming Up to Take Products #1 on Amazon
Case Study: LogOX

LogOX products have reached #1 in their Amazon subcategory and increased revenue 50% quarter-over-quarter.

Transitioning from a Third Party Seller
Case Study: Eagle Lights

After transitioning from another third party seller, Eagle Lights saw their Amazon sales increase by 100% with SupplyKick.

Making the Switch from Vendor Central
Case Study: Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate beat plan by 32% with SupplyKick.

MFN to FBA: The SupplyKick Difference
Case Study: BetterVent

After partnering with SupplyKick, BetterVent saw a 30% year-over-year increase in Amazon sales when they transitioned to Prime shipping.

Managing Seasonality on Amazon
Case Study: Oneida

Oneida Air Systems increased its sales by 66% during peak season year over year with SupplyKick.

Amazon Product Development & Launch
Case Study: Mac Sports

Seven new Mac Sports products have totaled over $5,500,000 in their lifetime with SupplyKick.

Managing Multiple Product Lines on Amazon
Case Study: Dometic

On average, each of Dometic's product lines saw their sales increase by 140% with SupplyKick.

Amazon Success Story: ciao! baby
The Transition From Amazon Retail
Case Study: ciao! baby

SupplyKick raised ciao! Baby’s prices by up to 20% while increasing quarter over quarter sales by 96%.

The Single Seller Approach on Amazon
Case Study: Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware was able to increase year over year sales by 111% on Amazon with SupplyKick.


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