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5 Important Steps to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Sep 4, 2020 10:08:23 AM

Prime Day 2020 Seller Tips

Amazon Prime Day—the equivalent of Black Friday for online shoppers—is one of the biggest days of the year for most Amazon sellers. In 2019, Prime Day was a two-day event in July that generated a staggering $7.16 billion in sales worldwide

But, what about Prime Day 2020? 

This year’s Prime Day was delayed due to COVID-19, and now the two-day event will occur on October 13-14, 2020. With Prime Day taking place closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, it may even be seen by consumers and retailers as the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season—making it that much more important for sellers to make sure their listings and logistics are prepared accordingly.

Make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2020 with these five crucial steps all sellers should take to convert more customers and ensure Prime Day success:

1) Be sure to have plenty of inventory on hand

It can be difficult to predict how much you'll sell on Prime Day, especially during a pandemic, but there's nothing worse than having orders you aren't able to fulfill due to a lack of inventory. With COVID-19 making wait times for many items more exaggerated than ever, it’s that much more important to know how much inventory to send in, and how long it will take to be processed, categorized, and appear in stock on Amazon.


2) Optimize your product listings 

Amazon Prime Day is sure to bring more traffic to your product listings, so you'll want to ensure your listings are optimized to convert visitors into paying customers. Optimize your listing's product images and description with A+ Content, photography, and keyword-rich content in order to attract shoppers. This listing optimization checklist should come in handy now and ensure your products get found throughout the holiday season.


3) Be prepared for higher CPCs 

If you plan to advertise on Amazon during Amazon Prime Day (which you should!), you need to be prepared for higher CPCs and adjust your budget and bids accordingly in order to remain competitive. Prime Day is a high-competition day for advertising, and spending more is the only way to make sure your ads are seen. Whether you’re using Sponsored Product or Headline Search Ads, you’ll want to double-triple check your advertising campaigns to make sure they set you and your products up for success.


4) Take advantage of deals and promotions

Flashy deals and deep discounts are what Amazon Prime Day is all about. Take advantage of any promotions that come up such as Prime exclusive discounts. You can get in on the fun and, more importantly, increase the chances that Amazon will display your product to customers over the course of Amazon Prime Day. 


5) Reevaluate after day one of Prime Day

Like last year, Amazon Prime Day is set to be a two-day event. You will want to use the time between the first day and the second to evaluate your day one results. Is there anything about your strategy that needs to be changed heading into day two? Taking the time to check in on how your products are performing throughout the day is vital to your success on Prime Day. 


Let SupplyKick help you make the most of Prime Day and beyond

Let’s be honest: It's important to be prepared for Prime Day, but it’s also important to have an optimized Amazon strategy year round. 

At SupplyKick, we create a customized Amazon plan that is right for your brand and business needs—whether that be help with FBA and logistics, advertising, SEO and marketing, customer service, brand protection, and more. Connect with us to learn how we can help you make the most of selling on Amazon.

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