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5 Benefits of an Amazon Agency Partnership

Aug 17, 2020 2:15:32 PM

Amazon Agency Consultant Benefits

At SupplyKick, we offer two types of partnerships to help brands grow their Amazon sales: wholesale and agency. In our wholesale partnership, we purchase our partners’ products in bulk and take care of the day-to-day management of everything on Amazon. For many sellers, wholesale is an ideal solution since it takes all of the work off of their plate. 

However, some brands don’t need to unload all of their Amazon duties. For these sellers, an agency partnership will benefit them more. What is an Amazon agency partnership? It allows brands to maintain full ownership and control of their products while still taking advantage of all the tools, services, and resources that SupplyKick offers. 

Let's explore the top five benefits of our agency partnership: 

1. Retaining complete ownership and control 

With an agency partnership, brands maintain full control and ownership of their inventory and the products they are selling on Amazon. Products will still be sold via their Seller or Vendor Central account, and brands retain complete control as to how those products are displayed and marketed. 


2. Creating a customized solution for your brand 

Our agency partners are able to decide which of our many SupplyKick services they would like to take advantage of—from logistics, case management, customer service, reviews, paid advertising, marketing (photography, SEO, branding, A+ Content), brand and IP management, and more. 

For example, if the partner doesn’t need help with marketing their products but is struggling with the logistics of inventory efficiency, they can decide to employ our logistics services while continuing to market their products on their own. On the other hand, someone who is having difficulty with increasing their organic rank, launching a new product on Amazon, or marketing management in general, may wish to take advantage of our marketing and advertising services without employing logistics. 

Based on your specific goals, our team of Amazon consultants are here to guide and adapt to whatever your brand needs in order to be successful on Amazon. Think of it as a la carte—you can choose what works best for you and what services will free up time for your team. 


3. Access to a dedicated support team  

Our Amazon agency partnership is a true partnership in every sense of the word. Brands gain access to a dedicated team of Amazon consultants who are experts in marketing, advertising, logistics, and more—and they’re constantly keeping a pulse on the latest Amazon updates, news, and innovations. 

At the beginning of the partnership, we serve as an extension of your team and help you develop and execute winning Amazon strategies proven to expand your marketplace presence. All of this is driven by your very own Account Manager who meets with you regularly, provides ongoing strategy and support, and collaborates to effectively increase sales and brand growth.


4. Access to the latest marketing and logistical tools

At SupplyKick, we use a wide range of cutting-edge software, including our own proprietary software, that allows us to highlight new marketing opportunities, improve the efficiency of inventory management, protect your intellectual property, and more. When you become an Amazon agency partner, you'll have full access to these tools and be able to decide which ones you want to take advantage of.


5. A solution that grows and evolves along with your business 

Our Amazon agency partnership is not a static solution, meaning that it is able to evolve along with your business and the ever-changing needs of Amazon consumers. As you grow your Amazon sales, you may want to start taking advantage of more tools and resources that SupplyKick offers. Or, you may find that certain services that have benefited your brand in the past are no longer necessary. Either way, our agency solution is one that is continuously adaptable, designed to evolve alongside your business in order to always provide the optimal tools and services that are needed at the time for your brand to succeed.

Interested in learning more about a potential agency partnership with SupplyKick? Connect with our team here.

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