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Amazon Sales Analytics

What Amazon seller metrics are you tracking? Are you confident in your inventory health? Do you know which products are performing well and which would benefit from listing optimization? How closely are you monitoring your Amazon Ads campaigns? Defining your key Amazon KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)—and knowing how to track them—is crucial to long-term marketplace success. 

When it comes to Amazon seller analytics, brands now have access to a wide range of first-party and/or third-party solutions. But how do you leverage these tools to increase Amazon sales? We’ll walk you through the world of marketplace metrics, including:

  • Key metrics to track marketplace performance
  • Amazon’s on-platform analytics
  • Third-party Amazon product analytics tools


How to track your Amazon performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurements that represent the success of your brand or a specific effort, such as spend, sales, and return on ad spend—and while some industries have general benchmark KPIs, it’s important to define your Amazon seller metrics based on your business's unique goals.

For a holistic view of your Amazon sales analytics, be sure to monitor:

  • Amazon Gross Margin: This will give an Amazon seller a high-level view of marketplace performance and profitability.
  • Amazon Sales: Keeping a close eye on product sales will help you identify top-performing products (and which products need a closer look).
  • Amazon PPC Advertising: Tracking metrics like ad spend, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates of your Amazon ads will help you understand which campaigns are working and which aren’t.
  • Amazon Returns: Monitoring customer returns can help you spot potential issues and be more proactive in addressing concerns. 


Understanding Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon provides sellers with access to its standard reporting dashboard, called Amazon Brand Analytics. From this dashboard, retailers can view Amazon seller reports to track:

  • Amazon search term performance
  • Item comparisons and alternative purchasing trends
  • Repeat purchase behavior and demographics

Located within the Seller Central portal, Amazon Brand Analytics can help brands understand general listing performance and customer behavior, but it stops short of providing the in-depth Amazon seller data most brands need to truly scale their business.  


The best Amazon data analytics tools for sellers

When looking to expand on your Amazon sales analytics toolkit, solutions range from installing an Amazon analytics extension to partnering with a third-party brand analytics tool or full-service Amazon seller consultant.

Amazon Analytics Extensions
Analytics extensions install directly into your web browser and can be a handy option for Amazon sellers who are looking for quick access to additional data insights. While data extensions are relatively easy to get up and running, each extension typically focuses on a few category metrics (like ad campaigns or FBA inventory) and requires you to interpret the data yourself. Tracking down extensions for every aspect of your Amazon business and analyzing seller metrics can take valuable time away from managing other elements of your brand.

Amazon Analytics Services
Amazon analytics consulting services streamline metrics and support brands in making data-driven decisions. Partnering with an Amazon analytics service can help take the guesswork out of your Amazon marketplace strategy by potentially offering:

  • A streamlined analytics dashboard or other data reporting tool
  • Detailed insights into aspects of your Amazon business
  • Essential marketplace and competitor analysis
  • Expert analysis and strategy optimization

As you start to explore the best Amazon analytics tool for your business, be sure you’re looking at which metrics are missing and solutions that can centralize your data. Do you need an Amazon FBA analytics tool to level up your inventory strategy? Are you looking to hone in on listings that need to be optimized to increase conversion? Odds are that there are several gaps in your sales data that need to be filled—that’s when Amazon analytics services come into play.


Partner with SupplyKick for Performance Analytics

As a full-service Amazon agency and 3P seller, SupplyKick takes a truly comprehensive approach to your brand’s marketplace strategy. Our in-house team of brand managers, marketers, and inventory specialists unify marketplace data, expert analysis, and high-converting tactics to grow your Amazon business.

Whether you’re an Amazon wholesale seller looking for additional data insights or in search of an Amazon seller consultant to offload your day-to-day marketplace needs, SupplyKick’s team of experts is ready to help unlock your marketplace potential. Let’s connect.

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