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Amazon SEO Services

While there are a number of elements that go into creating an effective Amazon marketing strategy, one of the most important is SEO and listing optimization. Amazon SEO services enable you to optimize your product listing so that it shows up higher in the search results when customers search for words or phrases that are related to your product, making it more likely that your product is discovered. Since getting your product in front of interested customers is half the battle when it comes to succeeding as an Amazon seller, listing optimization is an essential step in the process of developing your Amazon marketing strategy.

Below, we'll take a comprehensive look at how Amazon SEO works and how you can go about optimizing your own product listings to increase sales on Amazon, as well as the benefits of working with an Amazon consultant or Amazon FBA expert to help you create your Amazon marketing and SEO strategy.


What is Amazon Keyword Ranking and SEO?

In order to help their customers find what they are looking for on the site, Amazon has developed a complex set of algorithms designed to display the most relevant and highest-rated products to a customer when they search for certain words and phrases in the Amazon search bar. While no one outside of Amazon knows exactly what these algorithms are, we do know enough about how they work to optimize a product listing so that it is treated as favorably as possible by these search algorithms.

One of the biggest keys to optimizing your product listing so that it is treated favorably by Amazon's all-important search algorithms is SEO. SEO stands for "search engine optimization" and—in terms of selling on Amazon—is defined as the process of optimizing the various elements of your product listing so that you are able to get your product in front of as many customers as possible. For example, sprinkling your product description with relevant and commonly-searched keywords—also known as Amazon keyword optimization—is one valuable way to optimize your listing. If you are selling houseshoes, for instance, keywords such as "slippers," "fuzzy slippers," "comfortable shoes," "houseshoes," "moccasins," are all phrases that a customer who is looking for a product like yours might search for. Ensuring these keywords are found somewhere in your product description is essential if you want your product to show up in the results for such searches.

Leveraging Amazon keyword rankings is just one example of how you can go about improving your product listing's SEO, and in the next section we will detail a few more strategies that you can use to ensure that your product is displayed to as many customers as possible. Optimizing your product listing so that it takes full advantage of Amazon's SEO algorithm is important when it comes to creating a recipe for a best-selling product. Amazon product listing services that help ensure your product listing is fully optimized is one of the most valuable investments you can make in the early stages of your Amazon seller career.


Amazon Listing Optimization Strategies

There are a wide range of factors that go into Amazon listing optimization, and it's important to get each one right if you would like to take full advantage of the exposure that SEO has to offer. Starting with your product title, choose a title that includes a keyword or two that is relevant to your product. At the same time, you want to be careful that you aren't choosing a keyword that is going to be overly competitive. For example, if you are selling multivitamins on Amazon, you are going to have an incredible amount of competition to contend with if you only make use of a generic and incredibly common keyword such as "multivitamin" in your product title. Instead, less competitive and more specific keywords such as "multivitamin for women" or "multivitamin gummies" are likely to generate more value. Whether it's a keyword for your product title or a keyword for some other section of your listing, choosing your keywords carefully and paying close attention to proven Amazon keyword tips is essential.

Once you've chosen an effective title for your product, the next step in the process of optimizing your Amazon product listing is to optimize your bullet points and product description. While convincing a customer that they need your product is the primary objective of these sections, be sure to include a selection of keywords in your bullet points and product listing as well since these sections do play a role in your listing's SEO.

Next, if you have any variations of your product (for instance, a sweater or tool you're selling in multiple colors), you will want to group these variations together under one product listing using Amazon's product variations feature. Grouping your product variations together under one listing allows you to combine sales and reviews that will further boost your product's SEO as well as allow you to focus on optimizing and marketing a single product page.

Lastly, you will want to pay careful attention to your product listing's metadata, including the indexed keywords that Amazon allows you to choose for your product. These keywords differ from the keywords that are included as part of your listing's written content and are instead keywords that you essentially choose to be listed for. With that said, though, the same strategies for choosing effective keywords apply for these indexed keywords as well.

If you would like assistance making sure that your product listing is fully optimized, paying for Amazon listing optimization services is an excellent option to consider. These services include an Amazon listing analysis that will highlight the areas of your listing that need improving, and the best Amazon consultants will know how to improve these weak points and boost your sales with just a few key changes to your listing.


Amazon SEO Tools

If you would like to improve your product listing's SEO in the most effective way possible, there are a number of Amazon SEO tools that are worth checking out. Helium 10, for example, is one such tool that enables you to perform comprehensive keyword research and analysis in order to help you choose the best keywords for your Amazon products.

Third-party SEO tools such as this can go a long way toward helping you create effective product listings, and the best Amazon consultants know how to make full use of tools such as these. For example, SupplyKick uses our own proprietary software as well as a wide range of technology, including pricing optimization and listing, advertising, keyword research tools, allowing us to highlight new listing optimization and marketing opportunities for our partners.


Amazon Marketing & Advertising Agency

If you are searching for an Amazon listing creation service to help you optimize your Amazon product listings, finding an Amazon marketing agency that handles all aspects of marketing your product on the marketplace is your best bet. In the end, Amazon SEO services and Amazon marketing go hand-in-hand, and a good Amazon agency will be able to help you with both.

For example, while it is essential to create keyword-rich titles, bullet points, and product descriptions for your listing, it is also essential to ensure these elements of your listing are designed to sell the benefits of your product to customers. Creating a listing that is fully optimized won't do you much good if it doesn't excite the customers who are browsing, and creating a listing that is compelling and engaging won't do you much good if no one ever finds it. Ultimately, you need both to succeed, and an Amazon advertising agency that includes Amazon SEO packages as part of their services will be able to help you develop a listing that excels on both of these crucial fronts.

In addition to having an Amazon listing copywriter help you create your product pages, working with an Amazon marketing agency offers a wide range of other benefits as well, from Amazon PPC services that will help you develop an effective Amazon advertising strategy, to social media services that help you communicate directly to your customers and beyond. In summary, working with an Amazon expert for hire who is experienced at handling all aspects of creating and promoting an Amazon product listing is the best option you have available for dramatically improving your product listing visibility and growing your Amazon sales.


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At SupplyKick, our team of experts understand how difficult it is to sell on the marketplace. Things are constantly changing; Amazon has new policies, character limits, and more. We ensure our partners are always in compliance with Amazon guidelines, while taking advantage of the new tools and techniques offered. Throughout the years we’ve proven we know what it takes to develop Amazon listings that actually sell—during our lifetime we’ve sold $120+ million worth of products on the Amazon marketplace and helped over 100 partners succeed.

In addition to offering Amazon SEO services, we are a full-service Amazon marketing agency that will guide you through every aspect of marketing your product and growing your Amazon sales.

Connect with us to learn more about how a partnership with SupplyKick ensures access to our developed marketing team who will work with you to build your listings and grow your sales.

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