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Amazon Wholesale Seller

When you start selling products on Amazon, there are many decisions you’ll need to make regarding what your business model will look like. For example, deciding whether you will sell your products directly to Amazon via Amazon Vendor Central or directly to your customers via Amazon Seller Central is an incredibly important decision. In addition to choosing which platform you will make use of and how you will sell your products, you will also need to choose how you go about procuring your products in the first place.

Let’s take a look at one promising method of buying products to sell on Amazon—buying wholesale. When you decide to sell wholesale on Amazon, what this means is that you’ll be purchasing products in bulk directly from the manufacturer and reselling them on Amazon as individual units at a higher price. This method offers a number of advantages when compared to manufacturing your own products or purchasing unlabeled products and marketing them under your own brand, including enabling you to sign up for an Amazon Wholesale Account instead of just being able to choose between Vendor or Seller Central.

If you are just starting out on Amazon, you may find that selling wholesale is the best business model for your goals. In order to help you decide for sure, though, we’ll take a detailed look at everything that selling wholesale on Amazon entails, including how to get started, the benefits of selling wholesale, and how an Amazon seller consultant can help you take your Amazon wholesale business to exciting new levels.


How to Sell Wholesale on Amazon

In most ways, selling wholesale on Amazon is no different than selling your own products (although being a wholesale seller does enable you to sign up for an Amazon Wholesale Account, which we’ll cover in more detail in the next section). Rather than selling your own products, you are selling products that you have purchased in bulk from a third party manufacturer.

There are several benefits to procuring products to sell through an Amazon wholesale website. For one, selling wholesale enables you to start your Amazon business without having to first produce and manufacture a quality product on your own. Producing a unique product is beyond the scope of what most beginner sellers are able to do, so finding wholesale products to sell on Amazon is much more attainable. You have plenty of options, from buying direct from a manufacturer, to buying Amazon returns wholesale and reselling items, and many more.

The second key benefit of selling products wholesale on Amazon is that it is typically much easier to market an established product from an established brand than it is to market a product of your own that is brand new and unknown. When you purchase products wholesale from a reputable brand, your job of convincing Amazon customers to part with their money becomes much easier since you are selling them a product from a brand that they recognize and trust.

For these two reasons, selling wholesale on Amazon is one of the best business models available for people looking to get started as an Amazon seller. This is especially true for those who do not want to go about creating their own line of products. However, there is another way to take advantage of selling wholesale on Amazon as well. If you do happen to already manufacture your own line of products, partnering with a wholesale seller is an excellent way to take a lot of responsibilities off your plate. It's a lot like choosing to sell Amazon FBA, except that you are partnering with a third-party wholesaler rather than selling your products in bulk directly to Amazon. However you choose to take advantage of buying and selling wholesale on Amazon—and be sure you understand how to sell on Amazon Prime—an Amazon seller management service will be able to help you get started.


Amazon Wholesale Account

When it comes time to create your Amazon business account, most Amazon sellers will have to choose between Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. If you choose to sell products wholesale on Amazon, you have the added benefit of being able to create an Amazon Wholesale Account as another Amazon outlet to take advantage of.

When you create an Amazon Wholesale Account, you'll be able to shop for bulk products from a wide range of brands who are looking to partner with third-party sellers just like you in order to sell their products wholesale. This service makes it incredibly simple to find and procure wholesale products to sell. It also makes it easy to sell your own products in bulk if you are looking to get in on the other end of the arrangement. Whether you are wanting to purchase wholesale products to resell or sell your own products in bulk to third-party sellers, taking advantage of the Amazon wholesale website is an excellent option.

The Amazon seller requirements for purchasing wholesale products for resale on the Amazon wholesale website are a bit more straightforward than the requirements for selling your own products wholesale. To do the former, all you have to do is create your wholesale account and start shopping. To sell your own products in bulk to resellers, you will need to create an Amazon business account and complete a somewhat more rigorous questionnaire regarding what your business entails and the products that you are hoping to sell. If you are trying to get started selling your own products in bulk to Amazon resellers on the Amazon wholesale portal, you may find that partnering with a third-party Amazon seller consultant is the best way to navigate the various complexities this business model entails.


Amazon Third-Party Wholesale Seller

If you are just getting started as an Amazon seller and are looking for products to sell, purchasing and reselling products wholesale is a great option to consider. If you already produce your own line of products, taking advantage of the other end of the Amazon wholesale business model is something that offers a number of incredible benefits.

For starters, partnering with a third-party wholesale seller enables you to sell your products in bulk all at one time, leading to a large and reliable profit right from the start. If you are tired of the unpredictable income that goes along with selling individual units directly to your customers, you may find selling all of your products at a time in bulk to be a much more desirable option.

The second key benefit of partnering with a third-party wholesale seller is the fact that it takes a lot of responsibilities off of your hands. When you sell your products wholesale, you no longer have to worry about day-to-day tasks such as managing your Amazon account, creating an Amazon marketing strategy, packing and shipping orders to customers, keeping track of inventory management techniques, and all of the other responsibilities that go along with selling directly to customers.

At SupplyKick we pride ourselves in being an Amazon wholesale seller that strives to grow our partners sales while saving them time and money. Whether you need help with getting started, expertise on how to optimize your product detail pages to increase sales on Amazon, or you are looking for a full-service Amazon marketing agency that can guide you through every step of selling on Amazon, the team at SupplyKick is able to help. Contact the SupplyKick team to learn more.

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