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Amazon Consultancy Services

It’s no secret that selling on Amazon gives you exposure to millions of potential customers around the world. Partnering with Amazon experts can help you plan for and hedge against the seasonality and variability that affect online retailers even harder than physical stores. Whether you sell your products as a first-party (1P) or third-party (3P) vendor, there are many strategies you can use to optimize your sales and keep costs down. 

An Amazon seller consultant leverages their Amazon marketing, logistics and fufillment (such as FBA), and product management expertise to help you sell more products on Amazon and better manage your supply chain.

So, if you need help with advertising, brand management, selling products, and/or managing inventory, a full-service Amazon agency is the way to go. Your company could increase its sales by over 140%, like Dometic did with SupplyKick’s help. By offloading the complicated process of optimizing Amazon’s brand management tools and trusting the experts to help you drive more sales while reducing margins, you can concentrate on growing your business on other channels or running your day-to-day operations.

Maybe you want to create flawless product detail pages or run an exemplary Amazon Advertising strategy. These goals can be reached easily through Amazon Store consulting. Keep reading to find out how your business can benefit from a consultancy partnership.


Amazon FBA Consultant

If you enroll in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), it can take a huge burden off your shoulders in terms of distribution and delivery of your products. It also enables you to become an Amazon Prime seller. At the same time, you need to know the ins and outs of FBA in order to take full advantage of the program.

Experienced Amazon ecommerce consultants can help you navigate the management tools associated with Amazon FBA and inventory forecasting, as well as improve your brand management and marketing efforts. Additionally, these partners can help you navigate Amazon Seller Central, taking over case management and customer services issues, and help you transform your overall strategy to increase sales on Amazon.

If you are a 3P seller, you retain control over your brand and product pages on the marketplace and operate out of Seller Central. You also sell directly to Amazon customers. There are many advantages to becoming a 3P seller, but you may find that you need help running advertising promotions and optimizing your Amazon marketing strategy.

An FBA consultant agency can also help protect your brand from unauthorized sellers and pricing issues. When you retain more control over your product pricing, you can ensure that rogue sellers do not violate your MAP (minimum advertised price) policy.

SupplyKick’s Product Management Expertise

SupplyKick has helped 100+ brands sell their products on Amazon and achieve sustainable growth. A team of consultants can transform your Amazon product management with services including:

Amazon SEO optimization includes:

  • Vital Information: Your brand name and UPC code, seller SKU, and sale price
  • Description: Enticing descriptions using feature/benefit formatting
  • Keywords: Sophisticated keyword selection includes intended use, target audience, and subject keywords among others

Amazon Selling Coach for Better Inventory Tracking

The best product listings in the world won't help you if you run out of inventory. Stockouts negatively impact your Amazon ranking when you're finally able to offer the product for sale again.

You can avoid this scenario with the help of the Amazon Selling Coach built into Seller Central. It allows you to track your inventory and alerts you when you reach low inventory thresholds. Amazon Selling Coach also offers great insights for promotions and fulfillment, among other topics.

Forecast Seasonality to Avoid Overstock Scenarios

It's sometimes difficult to predict inventory spikes. However, if you have a seasonal product, there are relatively reliable formulas to help you avoid understock and overstock situations. An Amazon seller consultant like SupplyKick can help with Amazon supply chain management with seasonal forecasting and inventory reorder recommendations.


Best Amazon Consultants

Certain skills differentiate the best Amazon consultants from the rest. A good agency should help you discover how to improve your inventory management and forecasting skills, and maximize Amazon SEO tactics in your product listings. An Amazon expert for hire should give you actionable advice on how to sell your products more effectively. If you want a team of seasoned Amazon sellers and marketers, partnering with an Amazon marketing agency is key.

Don’t limit yourself to searching “Amazon consultant near me”; an agency doesn’t necessarily have to be near you to help you be successful. No matter where in the United States you are, agencies can help you with Amazon wholesale seller management improvement and help you identify pain points that your product resolves for prospective target audiences. 

Do you want to rank highly in Amazon searches? An agency partnership can help you grow your sales through compelling content that improves your organic search results as well as targeted paid advertising strategies. 

Amazon sellers have to juggle wholesale and shipping management with managing returns, inventory, and tax implications. Amazon consultants help you take advantage of the benefits of third-party selling, protect your MAP pricing and watch your profits soar, like SupplyKick did for this hardware company, which saw a 111% increase in Amazon sales year over year.


Amazon Seller Experts

In this section, we’ll explore your goals and how they align with the first party (1P) and third party (3P) selling models.

  • Selling on Amazon 1P: In a nutshell, an Amazon first party seller means that you sell your products to Amazon, who sells them on their marketplace. 1P provides consistent revenue and turns revenue generation into a volume game. Amazon has to invite you to join though, so it is harder to become a 1P than a 3P Amazon seller.
  • Selling on Amazon 3P: Meanwhile, third-party selling gives you more control and creates an environment where you can maximize your revenue per sale, manage your marketing, and control your product pricing. However, 3P selling requires constant maintenance and expertise you may not have in-house.

Working with an Amazon agency partner makes selling as a 1P or 3P vendor easier. An Amazon seller agent can help you improve your day-to-day management via Vendor Central (1P) or Seller Central (3P)

Agency consultants go beyond providing advice—although you'll get plenty of that, too— by assisting you with customer reviews, video and photography, and product listings.

You can optimize your Storefront with the assistance of skilled Amazon seller experts. 3P vendors maintain control of their brand presence and utilize consulting services to improve their revenue and conversion rates. From marketing to fulfillment to returns, the right Amazon consultant can give your brand a boost and allow you to focus on your products, your team, and other aspects of your business.

An agency consultant can help you determine whether 1P or 3P selling would work best for your business. Whether you need assistance with ecomm product photography and listings for your 1P products or want an Amazon seller agent to manage your entire Amazon Store, a good agency will have the expertise to improve your bottom line at an Amazon agency cost that is affordable and fair.

Whichever model you choose, it's important to partner with the right Amazon seller expert to help you understand Amazon inside and out, and help you avoid issues with compliance, MAP agreements, or inventory management, among other issues.


Amazon Selling Agent

Choosing to work with an Amazon agency like SupplyKick can amp up your sales and take your business to the next level. You’ve already made a great move increasing the exposure of your product through the Amazon Marketplace.

Now, you have to decide how close to the sales and fulfillment process you wish to be. Whether you prefer to hire someone to sell on Amazon for you through a wholesale partnership, or be an agency partner, Amazon consultant companies can help you improve every aspect of your business. So, how much do Amazon consultants charge? Typically, a fee structure will be developed by a client and the consultant, so there’s no one size fits all answer. Finding an agency that is well established and committed to achieving the same goals is key to ensuring you’re getting the ROI you deserve.

SupplyKick is a top Amazon seller and agency providing brands with expert strategy and solutions to win on Amazon. We’ve sold over $200M on Amazon to date and have helped hundreds of partners across consumer categories reach their full marketplace potential. When you're ready to outpace the competition, contact our team.

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