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Amazon PPC Agency

Top Amazon wholesale sellers and agencies know a strong pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy is key to building brand awareness, reaching new customers, and ultimately increasing overall marketplace success.  In fact, an optimized paid advertising campaign can increase average sales by up to 50%, making Amazon Ads essential to executing an effective Amazon marketing strategy

Amazon advertising costs can quickly skyrocket without producing results. However, understanding the ins-and-outs of PPC Amazon Ads management, what Amazon advertising services are available to retailers, and how to improve your return on your investment will set you apart from the competition. 

To ensure you’re getting the most of your Amazon advertising strategy, we’ll dive into:

  1. Why a well-planned Amazon PPC strategy matters—and what an optimized one looks like.
  2. What it means to invest in Amazon advertising services and the different solutions available to sellers.
  3. How you can find an Amazon advertising expert to maximize your paid advertising efforts.


Amazon PPC Strategy

Imagine how an 80% increase in Amazon sales would impact your business—a strong advertising strategy can do just that. Within its pay-to-play landscape, valuable ad types like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display advertising enable Amazon sellers to improve product visibility, showcase their entire product assortment, and reach new customers.

However, simply paying for ads is not enough, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to running successful paid campaigns. Your Amazon PPC management strategies and marketing should be tailored to your brand’s specific goals, budget, and target consumer—that's where the magic happens. 

While it’s important to tailor your Amazon paid search strategy to fit your brand’s goals and budget, every successful approach should include:

  1. An advertising goal that aligns with what's most important for your brand on Amazon, whether that's increased brand awareness, ads efficiency, etc. 
  2. Marketplace research to understand the competitive landscape and get an idea of keywords to focus on.
  3. High-quality content and creative, including product videos, for users to engage with.
  4. A compelling Amazon Storefront (also known as an Amazon Store) that showcases your product assortment and legitimizes your brand.
  5. A/B testing and continuous monitoring and optimization to improve your ROI. 

Amazon Ads enable every seller to create and manage their own paid efforts, however, many brands struggle to find the time and the resources needed to master their paid strategy. For those brands, especially ones with little to no experience in Amazon PPC, enlisting an Amazon PPC agency is essential.


Types of Amazon PPC Management Services

Effectively running and optimizing your Amazon Ads strategy can be a full-time job—in addition to keeping a close eye on competitors and consumer behavior, Amazon is constantly evolving their own set of guidelines and policies An Amazon advertising expert ensures your ad campaigns are aligned with Amazon’s latest regulations and optimized for success, while freeing up your day-to-day to focus on other areas of your business. There are three main types of PPC agencies you can work with, each with their own set of Amazon advertising solutions. 

Amazon Advertising Agencies
An Amazon advertising agency specializes in the world of paid ads on the marketplace.

An Amazon ads agency primarily focuses on:

  • Marketplace and competitor research
  • Keyword targeting
  • Campaign creation and optimization
  • A/B testing 

Amazon Marketing Agencies
Amazon marketing agencies unify advertising and marketing strategies to build a cohesive marketplace approach. Partnering with this type of agency is a great option for brands who lack the time or resources to effectively manage their advertising and marketing efforts.

In addition to advertising services, an Amazon marketing agency also helps with:

Full-Service Amazon Agencies
Full-service Amazon agencies offer retailers a complete marketplace solution. These agencies build long-term partnerships with growing Amazon businesses to help streamline processes, manage marketing and advertising efforts, and increase sales. These services empower sellers to spend time focused on the big picture of their business: evolving product assortment, expanding marketplaces, and reaching new consumers.

A full-service Amazon agency provides a long list of marketplace solutions, including:

The cost of each service will depend on your business needs, products, marketing budget, goals, and more. You can explore different prices on the Amazon Partner Network or reach out to an agency directly.


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Amazon Advertising Partner Network

Knowing the types of agency partners is one thing, but finding one that works for your needs is another. Thankfully, Amazon created a tool to help with that: The Amazon Ads Partner Network.

This tool provides sellers with exclusive resources and access to an enhanced partner directory of vetted Amazon agencies. These agencies offer a variety of services, are located in varying regions, and have different specialties including Sponsored Display ads, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Products ads. Recently, Amazon merged their Creative Services Marketplace with their Ads Network, so you can now research and find agencies to support the creative side of your business.

The Amazon Partner Network Directory lists its members alphabetically, but also features a variety of filters to help you narrow down your search. Users can use these filters to locate specific services, product specialties, category focuses, location, and more. For example, if you wanted to connect with an Amazon service provider in the USA or an Amazon agency based in Canada, the partner directory has made it easy to find a consultant to really fit your needs. You can also click into a partner’s profile to view their services, certifications, pricing, and even contact them or visit their website to learn even more about them. Pro tip: Partners will feature the Amazon Ads partner logo on their site (view SupplyKick’s verified partner badge here). 

The Partner Network can be overwhelming—even with filters. To help narrow down your hunt, establish some basics before searching. What do you need from a partner? What is your budget? What are your PPC ad goals?

If you aren’t sure how to answer those questions, that's okay! Reaching out to an Amazon seller consultant can help you uncover these answers.


Choosing a Top Amazon PPC Agency for Your Business

Partnering with the ideal Amazon advertising partner ultimately comes down to your brand's unique goals and budget. Be sure to carefully research any company you’re considering and don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials or Amazon Ads case studies that support their claims of success.

As a full-service Amazon agency partner and wholesale seller, we build collaborative, long-term partnerships and cater our expert solutions to each brand’s specific category, needs, and overall goals. With over a decade of experience, we offer services including PPC management, SEO and marketing strategy, inventory management and fulfillment, brand management, and customer support to help our partners grow on Amazon and beyond.

Looking to up your Amazon advertising game or to partner with a full-service Amazon solution? Connect with our team.

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