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Why is My Amazon Listing Suppressed and How Do I Fix It?

Kiel Hauck
Feb 16, 2018 2:24:24 PM

Amazon can be a truly invaluable platform for brands looking to reach larger markets, move more merchandise, and create a widespread brand audience. What many retailers don’t realize, however, is that listings on Amazon require constant maintenance and upkeep. While there are plenty of steps sellers must take before listing products on Amazon, there is also substantial work to be done while a product is live.

All listings on Amazon must be constantly updated and maintained because, if any elements of a listing fail to meet Amazon’s requirements over time, it will be suppressed or deactivated until the issue is resolved. A suppressed listing can cause extreme headaches, roadblocks, and, of course, lost revenue until the listing is fixed.

What Causes a Suppressed Amazon Listing?

Suppressed listings usually occur when a specific product listing doesn’t quite live up to Amazon’s rigorous standards. According to Amazon, these suppression guidelines are in place to make it easier for consumers to locate, research, and actually purchase products on its platform. In order to ensure product listings won’t be suppressed by Amazon, sellers should include all required product details and information.

Common examples of missing or insufficient information that can lead to suppressed listings include:

  • Any product listing without at least one main image.
  • Any listing (excluding certain categories such as apparel, books, or shoes) without a detailed product description.
  • Any clothing or accessories item with a title longer than 80 characters.
  • Any product listing without a defined category type.

How Can I Fix Suppressed Listings?

Luckily, sellers can identify and correct suppressed listings without too much hassle. The problem area lies in consistently checking back on current listings to ensure everything is up to date and running smoothly.

To fix a suppressed listing, sellers can navigate to the ‘Manage Inventory’ button under the Inventory tab in Seller Central. If a seller has any suppressed listings, they will see a ‘Suppressed’ button. If no ‘Suppressed’ items are indicated, then congratulations – all listings are working properly! However, if the button is present, click ‘Suppressed’ and select the desired product listings. Sellers can then go through and edit listings that need more information, or click ‘Manage Images’ to fix those without product pictures. Every product listing has an Amazon Product Summary page, which lists out all of the suppression and quality issues. Once all of the issues have been resolved, click ‘Save and Finish’ to exit.

Never Miss a Listing Error

Moving products with Amazon is no walk in the park – between marketing efforts, packaging, and shipping and logistics, retailers have a lot to think about when it comes to working with one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Add to this the consistent monitoring of online listings, and it can become a bit overwhelming.

Working with a third party seller can help eliminate both the packaging and logistics stress of selling on Amazon as well as the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the listings. By relying on a trusted partner, brands are free to focus instead on creating winning products, without the hassle of listing and monitoring them. Are you ready to jump-start your winning Amazon strategy? Get started with SupplyKick today.

Photo by Simson Petrol

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