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Amazon Brand Management

Your products are what customers buy. In a marketplace like Amazon—with millions of products for shoppers to choose from—your brand is why they buy. As an Amazon FBA seller, you likely understand the importance of investing in your brand image, but what about protecting it?

Amazon consumers are becoming increasingly brand loyal and gravitate towards brands who are transparent about their story, product, and business practices—meaning it has never been more important to create a unique brand that outshines the competition. Unfortunately, building a successful Amazon business can also make you a target for fraudulent sellers and counterfeiters looking to profit from your success. We recommend implementing a solid Amazon brand management strategy to safeguard against bad actors that can harm your brand’s integrity and result in lost revenue.

You've thoughtfully crafted your brand image. Now it's time to understand what brand protection on Amazon means for your business. To help you balance marketplace growth with your brand, we’ll explore:

  • How Amazon brand protection can impact your business
  • What Amazon’s Brand Registry program is and how it can help to shield your business
  • What Amazon brand management services are available and what to look for when choosing a partner


How can Amazon brand protection impact your business?

It takes time for Amazon marketplace sellers to establish a solid foundation of trust with their customers. Brand loyalty stems from a range of tactics like brand awareness, eye-catching creative, high-quality products, fast order fulfillment, and excellent customer service. However, rogue Amazon sellers and product knockoffs can detract from these efforts. Without constant monitoring, unauthorized Amazon sellers and counterfeit products can disappoint your customer, harm your brand’s reputation, limit opportunities for marketplace expansion, and ultimately cost you sales. 

Because Amazon relies on trustworthy retailers selling high-quality products, they take listing violations and reports of counterfeit products very seriously and investigate claims against intellectual property (IP) infringements, inaccurate listings (which can eventually result in a suppressed listing), and counterfeiters. 

The best way to proactively shield your brand on Amazon is by executing a comprehensive brand management strategy that follows Amazon’s strict compliance guidelines, and constantly monitors product listings, seller ratings, and overall brand performance.


What is the Amazon Brand Registry program?

The Brand Registry program provides Amazon sellers with expanded resources to protect and grow their brand. This free feature is available to all sellers, but first, you must meet Amazon Brand Registry requirements (including trademark ownership) and complete the enrollment process.

Once you have received Amazon brand approval, you can immediately start utilizing additional seller tools to:

Although Amazon Brand Registry can be a valuable asset, long-term marketplace success comes from implementing a comprehensive Amazon strategy that includes four key pillars: brand management, marketing, advertising, and logistics.


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What are Amazon brand services?

Managing your brand’s reputation across Amazon’s expansive marketplace is no simple task—it’s a full-time job that requires constant vigilance, continual compliance with Amazon’s regulations, and adapting your approach to evolving consumer trends.

Luckily, there are Amazon agencies and wholesalers that can help you own, grow, and protect your brand. The best partners will intertwine brand management consulting with other efforts like Amazon ads campaigns, listing optimization services, and even full-service Amazon seller account management. They can help build a strong and trustworthy backing for your brand with high-quality content, customer support plans, and more.


Maximize sales with an Amazon brand management expert.

At SupplyKick, we partner with high-potential brands to accelerate growth and profitability on Amazon. We build collaborative and sustainable partnerships, catering our approach to each brand’s specific category, needs, and marketplace goals. With expertise in Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central, and Amazon Brand Registry, our team knows how to leverage key strategies to help our partners maximize Amazon success.

Not happy with your current marketplace performance? Need help with brand protection, advertising, marketing, inventory management, pricing strategies? Connect with our team.

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