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What is the Benefit of Product Variations on Amazon?

Christina Robinson
Jan 26, 2018 11:48:07 AM

When it comes to selling products on Amazon, it’s all about appealing to the customer. Unfortunately, no two customers are exactly alike, and there will always be different opinions and preferences to attend to. For brands, this can present a bit of a conundrum: how to sell the same product to different audiences. This is where Amazon Variations play a very important role.

Variations on Amazon are displays of a single product according to a defined theme, such as color, size, or another classification. According to Amazon, variations can help brands appeal to customers by:

  • Making it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for, and;
  • Enabling the customer to discover and compare various versions of a single product

Simply put, variations allow customers to quickly see all buying options for a single product on a single page. This could mean including pictures of all the sizes of a certain shirt, or all of the colors of a particular lunchbox, or even the different scents of a type of soap. No matter the variation ‘type’, brands are able to provide more options to customers to make it easy for them to visualize the end product and influence a potential sale.


Increasing Sales with Product Variations

Utilizing product variations on Amazon not only benefits the customer, but it can help increase sales as well. Providing customers with different options might open their eyes to a product they didn’t know even existed.

For example, let’s say a brand is selling a black blanket and a white blanket. The black blanket is driving a significant amount of traffic, ranking well in search, and converting a high number of buyers while the white blanket is not. It could be possible that those looking at the black blanket don’t even know that the white blanket is available. By leveraging these variations, Amazon automatically places the white blanket as an additional option for those already interested in the black blanket, helping to increase demand and grow sales overall.


How to Create Variations on Amazon

Creating variations on Amazon is a fairly straightforward process for registered Amazon sellers. You can simply download the appropriate inventory file for the product category in Seller Central, fill in the required information, and upload the file. You’ll receive an email response from Amazon in a matter of minutes when the variation is completed.

Variations help differentiate between small distinctions within a specific product line, and as such, brands simply need to include variation-specific information such as:

  • The overall variation theme (aka size, color, scent, etc.)
  • The different variations of a certain product (aka small, medium, and large)
  • Images and/or dimension information for each variation

With this information saved in the product details, brands can change, add, or remove variations at any time depending on new product launches and customer interest. 


Maximize Your Sales on Amazon

Optimizing product sales on Amazon can be a tricky process. There are a ton of nuanced workflows and features that brands must master in order to truly win the sale and maximize revenue. Working with a trusted seller allows brands to bypass these stressful workflows and instead reap the benefits of Amazon selling without the work. Schedule a call with SupplyKick to see how you can maximize your Amazon profits without increasing your workload.

Photo by Scott Webb

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