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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

If you’re looking for a way to revamp your Amazon product listings and improve your sales, Amazon A+ Content (also known as Enhanced Brand Content) is an excellent feature to explore. This feature gives you more control over what your product listings look like, enabling you to improve the conversion rates of your listings and rethink your Amazon marketing strategy. In order to help you make the most of this powerful feature, we'll take a look at how to create A+ Content on Amazon as well as how to maximize the numerous benefits the feature has to offer.


Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Taking advantage of Amazon A+ Content gives you much more control over the design of your product listing, allowing you to create listings that include more detailed descriptions as well as larger product photos. The aesthetic difference between a normal product listing design and an enhanced design is obvious at a glance—when done correctly, Amazon A+ Content listings are much flashier and more eye-catching than the design of a normal product listing. But does this increased aesthetic quality of the listing actually lead to an increase in sales? According to our research, the answer is a resounding yes.

Our data shows a direct correlation between the use of A+ Content and an increase in sales. In fact, it's not uncommon for our sellers to improve the conversion rate of a listing upwards of 25% once they start taking advantage of the Amazon A+ Content feature. This makes leveraging Amazon A+ Content one of the most effective ways to quickly boost sales if you are a brand owner selling on the platform.

When selling on Amazon, it's never a bad thing to stand out from the crowd, and this is exactly what customizing your listings through the Amazon A+ Content feature enables you to do. However, A+ Content is a feature that offers a number of noteworthy benefits when it comes to improving the conversion rate of your listings.


Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon used to require a seller to be a part of Amazon Brand Registry in order to create A+ Content. But now, Enhanced Brand Content doesn’t require Brand Registry as long as there are no existing retail contributions on the listing. Also if you’re curious about building an Amazon Storefront, too: Storefronts DO require Brand Registry to create, but they can be created via Vendor Central or Seller Central as long as the seller has advertising set up. Sellers don’t need to have any active advertising campaigns, but need to at least have the advertising console activated.

Amazon Brand Registry is a program created for brand owners who are selling on Amazon and is designed to give these brand owners more control over how their products are displayed on the site. In addition to giving you access to special features like Sponsored Display ads, though, there are also a number of other Amazon Brand Registry benefits that are certainly worth exploring as well.

Before we dive into the benefits and features of Amazon Brand Registry, it's important to first take a look at who qualifies for this program. In order to qualify for the Amazon Brand Registry program, you will need to demonstrate a live trademark on your product or the product's packaging as well as demonstrate that you are indeed the owner of this trademark. Amazon Brand Registry without trademark is unfortunately not an option at this time, and while it is possible to file for an Amazon Brand Registry exemption, such exemptions are not often granted. Thankfully, however, the Amazon Brand Registry cost is completely free so long as you qualify.

Once you've successfully enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program, you'll be able to enjoy benefits such as increased brand management and control over your product listings, access to new marketing tools that are not available to standard Amazon sellers such as Brand Analytics, and the ability to decide for yourself which third-party sellers are allowed to sell your trademarked products. These Amazon Brand Registry benefits are all worth exploring once you are enrolled.


Amazon A+ Content Examples

While Amazon A+ Content gives you a much higher degree of control over what your listings look like, there are still requirements that must be followed regarding Amazon Enhanced Brand Content image sizes as well as requirements regarding the nature of your listing's written copy. For a full breakdown of these Amazon Enhanced Brand Content rules, be sure to check out Amazon's A+ Content requirements page.

Following the required guidelines isn't the only thing you will want to do, though, if you plan to boost your conversion rate in a significant way through Amazon A+ Content. In order to take full advantage of this feature, you will also need to create an effective and attention-grabbing Amazon Enhanced Brand Content design. To help you better understand what makes for an effective Amazon A+ Content template, let's take a look at a few Amazon Enhanced Brand Content examples from SupplyKick partners who have successfully used this feature to boost their sales:

  • ciao! Baby - This listing makes use of Amazon A+ Content in order to include a number of colorful and eye-catching images and copy to explain the key features and selling points of this product.
  • EZPole - By leveraging Amazon A+ Content in this listing, SupplyKick was able to include a beautifully-designed section that highlights the features of the EZPole flagpole kit including “100% Made in the USA” and tells the story of the brand.
  • Henry's House of Coffee - This listing for their coffee beans includes a section that details the history of the Henry's House of Coffee brand and highlights what it is that sets this product apart from the competition.
  • LogOX - This listing for the LogOX forestry multitool includes Amazon A+ Content that further explains how the tool is used—an incredibly useful section for a unique tool whose function may be difficult to understand at a glance.


SupplyKick’s A+ Content Services

Many sellers across Amazon aren’t taking advantage of A+ Content in their product listings, or they’re using generic modules that don’t convert. But SupplyKick’s partners have benefited from our thoughtful approach to design and storytelling—which has proven to increase their conversion rate by up to 25% from our enhanced brand content updates.

At SupplyKick, we create our own unique enhanced brand templates to ensure we’re optimizing everything for both desktop and mobile experiences. A+ Content can increase conversions while decreasing return rates, so it’s important that it looks professional, accurately represents the product, and appeals to any comparison shoppers on Amazon right out of the gate.

Connect with SupplyKick to find out about our A+ Content and platform branding services and pricing, as well as all of the other ways we can take your Amazon marketing and advertising strategy to the next level. Need some inspiration? Read our playbook.

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