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Lowe's Marketplace

Amazon still stands as the best online marketplace to sell on, but even the most successful Amazon businesses are realizing the benefits of market expansion—and with established retailers like Lowe's opening its digital shelves to third-party sellers, brands are connecting with more customers than ever. 

Lowe's Home Improvement has transformed from a simple hardware store into a destination for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Today, shoppers can purchase a wide range of products like tools, building materials, gardening supplies, furniture, and home decor—and for many Amazon marketplace sellers, Lowe's.com provides a unique opportunity for marketplace growth. 


Why sell on the Lowe’s website?

For over a decade, the Lowe's ecommerce platform has offered customers the convenience of online shopping. However, Lowe's.com has only recently decided to partner with third-party sellers. This presents a lucrative opportunity for Amazon marketplace sellers who focus in categories like tools and home improvement, lawn and garden, seasonal living, or home decor. 

Amazon wholesale sellers who choose to sell on Lowe's can benefit from

  • Marketplace expansion: Diversifying your market share is crucial to long-term sales growth. By becoming a Lowe's partner, Amazon businesses can reduce their reliance on a single platform and mitigate risks associated with changes in Amazon's policies or algorithms.
  • Increased brand awareness: Lowe's is a trusted home improvement retailer with a large audience—expanding into the Lowe's marketplace enables Amazon businesses to tap into an already established customer base.
  • Less competition: Compared to Amazon, the Lowe's ecommerce platform has fewer sellers offering similar products. This specialized market provides an opportunity for third-party retailers to stand out and convert more customers.


How to become a vendor for Lowe’s 

Now that we've covered why your Amazon business should be on Lowe's.com, let's go over how to sell on Lowe's. To become a Lowe's Vendor (also known as a Lowe's Supplier), you must fulfill specific partner requirements, and then complete the application process.

Lowe's Vendor Requirements:
The Lowe's marketplace has a number of requirements, many of which vary based on the types of products being sold and which market you're applying to (Lowe's US, Lowe's Canada, etc). However, each vendor must meet Lowe's Supplier Expectations:

  1. Continual compliance with Lowe’s Vendor Code of Conduct
  2. The ability to sign a legal contract with Lowe’s
  3. Available and adequate capital to fulfill Lowe’s requirements
  4. Proper insurance coverage to conduct business with Lowe’s
  5. Ability to communicate business documents between Lowe’s and your company

Lowe’s Vendor Application Process:
Each Lowe's Vendor must first register as a prospective supplier. It's important to note that simply submitting the application form doesn't guarantee approval as a Lowe's Supplier—it only enters your company into the Lowe's Prospective Supplier Database. Lowe's carefully reviews each registration and will contact you if your brand or products fit their sourcing needs and your company fulfills all Lowe's Vendor requirements.


What is the Lowe’s Vendor Gateway?

Available to Lowe's marketplace vendors, the Lowe's Vendor Gateway is a valuable tool that streamlines account management and communication. From the Lowe's Vendor portal, third-party sellers can manage inventory and orders, access reports, and submit issues.


Expand marketplace success with an established Lowe’s vendor.

The Lowe’s marketplace empowers brands to grow their customer base, limit competition, and increase sales potential. If you’re eager to sell on Lowe’s, but lack the time, resources, or know-how to grow your business on Lowes.com, there are third-party sellers that offer Lowe’s partnerships as part of their service package. Working with a trusted Lowe’s Vendor—like SupplyKick—can save you time while achieving more. 

SupplyKick partners with established brands to simplify the marketplace expansion process and increase sales growth. With over a decade of 3P seller experience, we apply expertise across marketplaces (Lowe’s, Amazon, Target Plus, Walmart, and more) to develop and execute strategies that cater to each brand’s specific category, objectives, and goals. 

Interested in learning how our team of brand managers, logistics experts, marketers, and advertisers can help scale your business on the Lowe’s marketplace and beyond? Connect with our team.

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