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Protecting your Amazon Listing with Brand Registry

Sep 17, 2018 11:35:38 AM

The modern world of retail is rife with counterfeits, both on and offline. In the Amazon Marketplace especially, the rise of off-brand merchandise has hit a stride. In 2017, Amazon introduced the Brand Registry program to help brands protect their brand name and monitor any risk of counterfeit sellers. Currently, brands can only join the Brand Registry program if they have a registered trademark and are part of Seller Central.

Outside of protecting brand credibility, the Amazon Brand Registry program also provides a bunch of other benefits to brands, including advertising and marketing opportunities. Brands participating in the Brand Registry program have access to Amazon Stores, advanced Headline Search Ad functionality, and more. Having one exclusive seller and participating in Brand Registry is the only way to fully protect your brand from risk.

Are multiple sellers helping or hurting your brand?

If you’re working with multiple sellers on Amazon, your products could be at risk of inconsistent messaging – and your customers could be at risk of receiving an inconsistent experience. Sellers can change any aspect of your product listings they want, including photos, bullet points, and even price (hello, MAP policy violations!).

Working with a single seller, however, eliminates this risk and allows your brand to rest assured your products are completely protected and secure on Amazon. If you have a registered trademark, an exclusive seller partnership will also guarantee your status in the Amazon Brand Registry. A single seller like SupplyKick works hard to optimize every single aspect of partner product listings, but if brands aren’t registered, or if there are other sellers in the mix, other sellers could submit changes to listings on a whim.

How SupplyKick helps brands succeed with Amazon Brand Registry

When trademarked brands partner exclusively with SupplyKick to sell their products on Amazon, SupplyKick works diligently to get them immediately enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program. Once brands are registered, SupplyKick can go in and lock any content changes, preventing other sellers or counterfeits from altering any content, photography, bullet points, or enhanced brand content.

If a brand is not part of the brand registry program but chooses SupplyKick as its exclusive Amazon seller, the SupplyKick team can protect the brand credibility by monitoring any suspicious listings or changes. When a listing change raises a red flag, the SupplyKick team works directly with Amazon to get the changes reversed, but this process is a bit clunky on the Amazon side and depends heavily on Amazon’s response time. Sometimes, faulty, error-ridden listings can be left up for weeks and result in inconsistent, sub-optimal consumer experiences.

With SupplyKick as your exclusive Amazon selling partner, your team will never have to question whether or not a listing is below-average. Additionally, since SupplyKick actually buys products directly from our partner brands, we handle all aspects of the brand registry and listing process on our side, so all you have to do is watch the revenue roll in.

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