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How Brand Registry Impacts Advertising on Amazon

Feb 12, 2018 9:49:46 AM

For many brands selling on Amazon, navigating the marketplace’s ocean of competitors and knock-offs can be a job unto itself. In fact, so many brands had problems differentiating products from those of lesser quality that Amazon introduced the Brand Registry program in early 2017 to help brands monitor and safeguard their trademarked product listings.

Today, brands with registered trademarks can go through a validation process and become a part of the Amazon Brand Registry, which offers a slew of benefits to brands looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, including Enhanced Brand Content and listing protection services.

Amazon Storefronts Offer Advertising Opportunities

One of the benefits available to Brand Registry program participants is Amazon Stores. Amazon Stores is a new feature that allows brands to actually create personalized online ‘shops’ that bring a holistic, in-store brand experience to online shoppers. Stores are beneficial to brands in many ways. First, they help drive online engagement with consumers who might not have a chance to interact with brands in-store or in other ways. Second, Stores help build a sense of community and loyalty around a brand as they offer buyers a ‘small-shop’ feel in an otherwise overwhelming e-commerce marketplace. And finally, they help brands protect products and increase sales with Storefront-only marketing offerings.

One of these Storefront-only advertising capabilities is called Headline Search. Headline Search Ads allow brands to capitalize on the premier location at the top of the Amazon search results page with banner ads targeted towards a specific audience. With a catchy tagline and prominent visual image, Headline Search Ads provide an actionable, quantifiable approach to advertising on Amazon that is sure to increase both brand recognition and overall conversions.

Lowering ACoS with Headline Search Ads

Working with a single seller can further help to streamline operations and get Amazon Stores up and running faster. Working with SupplyKick, Johnson Hardware went through trademark verification, joined the Amazon Brand Registry, and set up an Amazon Store. After creating a Headline Search Ad campaign through Amazon, the brand was able to increase sales while reducing ACoS by over 50%. The campaign saw an average ACoS of 6% – an exceptionally high benchmark for these types of campaigns.

While working with Headline Search Ads (and by proxy Amazon Stores and the Amazon Brand Registry) can be extremely lucrative to brands, it can also be extremely complicated. Whether it’s working with lawyers to register brand trademarks, figuring out how to design an optimized online Storefront, or setting parameters for a Headline Search Ad campaign, the behind-the-scenes work can add up quickly.

This is where a single seller relationship can help take brand success to the next level. Single sellers work to make sure a brand’s product listings are optimized across the Amazon marketplace, without adding any pressure whatsoever to the brand.

Make Advertising on Amazon Easier

Gaining access to Headline Search Ads and Amazon Stores is only possible through the Amazon Brand Registry. Make managing and optimizing campaigns on Amazon easier with SupplyKick, the easiest way to maximize your sales on Amazon. Learn more and get started today.

Photo by Olu Eletu

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