Our Simplified Process

We Buy Your Product

Our goal is to take the weight off of you and be your all-encompassing Amazon retailer that you can communicate with directly and rely on to get the best results for your items. We don’t want to be a marketing service where we charge you fees or delay payment to you until we get payment. We want to have skin in the game and show you that we truly believe in your product.

Typically, we purchase inventory to last us 30 days, which we decipher after doing some in-depth research online. Our focus is to continually grow our purchase orders with each of our partners through our marketing efforts so that we have mutual success.

Net 30 terms are always desirable as we continue to scale, but not mandatory and we always appreciate partners who communicate on shipment delivery. If we are able to become as efficient as possible, then we can give accurate sales forecasting for items and have overall better partnerships.

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We Store Your Product

We realize your frustration with drop-shipping and storing product for other companies, which takes up valuable room within your operations. This is why we warehouse product ourselves so that this barrier is removed and we can give you the space and time needed to continue manufacturing great items.

Our warehouse is located in heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, and we can work with you to figure out the best shipping arrangements. If there are minimums we need to hit or policies you have in place, then let us know.

In many cases we can just send you labels to be placed on the boxes or pallet for a truck to come pick it up. From there we will utilize Amazon fulfillment centers to get shipments out to customers faster and to get inventory in stock quicker. This is not a necessity since we do have our own warehousing facility, but we find it beneficial for all parties involved.


We Optimize Your Product

There are very few items on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay that are marketed correctly, which means they are losing sales. Amazon doesn’t have the time or interest to fully invest in marketing every item, e-commerce marketing agencies will charge you in a major way, and doing it yourself can cause all sorts of issues since there is typically little time to invest in the learning and maintenance of platforms like Amazon Seller Central.

Marketing on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon makes a major difference and can easily double or triple sales quickly. We do an analysis on every item we bring in so that it has the right elements in place to succeed.

Some solutions we provide:

  • Photography
  • Keyword based descriptions
  • Customer review growth
  • Keyword advertising

  • MAP policy enforcement
  • A+ content
  • E-commerce marketplace growth capabilities

The best part about all of this is that it’s free! Your product success directly relates to both of our successes so we will do everything we can to see growth happen.


We Ship Your Product

Shipping is a crucial thing online and so are the fees attached to it. When customers shop online they want to know they can get it fast so whenever they see four through five days, then some are immediately turned off from purchasing. Customers also hate the look of additional fees attached to an order and they would rather have the shipping baked in with the sales price rather than look at paying “something extra.”

We want to change the negative issues involved in shipping. We provide Amazon Prime two-day shipping and eliminate additional fees so that customers continually purchase from you instead of shopping around. It may sound ridiculous, but it works and customers have a much better buying experience which directly correlates to how they perceive the brand.


We Analyze The Product

The job is never done and we want to continually be the ones that update and improve your product’s performance on Amazon. We are looking at every one of our partners’ items multiple times a day to see how reviews, sales, and marketing are going. We have representatives watching over the brands we partner with so that they can correct situations, communicate with the partners, and give the customers the best experience possible.

You as the manufacturer don’t have time to deal with situations like these. Other e-commerce companies that are in it just for a quick buck aren’t going to spend the time to correct it. You need someone you can trust to provide accurate solutions and create a good look for your brand.

Evaluate Evaluate

We Order More Product

Once our inventory hits a certain point, then we place another purchase order and discuss opportunities for growth. It is a simplistic process and it may seem too good to be true, but that is why we are quickly growing and changing the way manufacturers perceive e-commerce retailers. We don’t do charge-backs, we don’t do fees, and we don’t ask you to treat us any differently than your current distributors. All we ask is that you give us a chance to be your partner so that we can prove we are different from other e-commerce companies.


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