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Moving Brands Forward, Including Our Own

Sep 4, 2018 8:50:11 AM

Today’s world of online commerce is challenging, constantly changing, and still growing. For many brands looking to truly succeed on the Amazon Marketplace, they need targeted guidance and insight to help them reach their potential. At SupplyKick, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping brands not only recognize long-term growth and success on Amazon, but also to becoming a trusted strategic partner to brands along the way.

To that end, we’ve updated our ‘look’ to highlight our past success and to pave the way for the next generation of brands selling on Amazon. For over 5 years, we’ve helped dozens of brands sell over $50 million in products on the Amazon Marketplace, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. As Amazon continues to grow, so too does the retail potential for brands of all sizes. The entire SupplyKick team is excited and grateful to be a part of this continued innovation, and we’re doubling down on the value and integrity of the SupplyKick brand name.

As the Amazon Marketplace continues to present brands with both challenges and opportunities, the SupplyKick team continues to deliver:

Expert knowledge of the Amazon Marketplace, including unprecedented insights and data analysis to help brands make better strategic decisions.
A strategic mindset to help brands focus their resources, time, and efforts.
Flawless implementation and best-in-class end-to-end solutions to help brands deliver better Amazon experiences to their customers.

Our new branding also highlights the continuous forward motion of SupplyKick as a company. In 2018 alone, SupplyKick was named one of the 25 fastest growing companies in Indianapolis by the Indianapolis Business Journal as well as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies in the United States. As our organization grows, we’re able to partner with some of the top brands on Amazon and deliver amazing experiences to all of our partner’s customers.

SupplyKick exists to help brands succeed on Amazon, and our redesigned, built-to-order solution offerings are better situated to give partners the answers and strategy they need to thrive in the Marketplace. The forward-thinking, growth-oriented mindset of the SupplyKick brand is echoed in the solutions we offer partners, which are designed as complementary offerings that address all stages of the e-commerce supply chain and fulfillment process:

Consultation solutions are designed to deliver thought leadership and insight into Amazon trends and best practices.
Strategy solutions provide educational know-how and help brands take action to develop winning, successful Amazon strategies.
Execution solutions involve the SupplyKick team taking end-to-end action on behalf of a partner brand to execute all Amazon-related efforts with flexibility, accuracy, and credibility.

Finally, we’ve updated our look to better reflect the success of our current and future brand partners. SupplyKick works with some of America’s top brands on Amazon, and we’re proud of the ongoing success and growth they’ve seen. Our new brand puts the emphasis back on partner outcomes and growth, because as the Amazon platform continues to grow, so too will our partner’s online presence continue to develop and increase. SupplyKick is taking this next step into the future with our partner’s at our sides, and we’re excited to see what this new era has to hold.

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