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We buy, sell, and represent your products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Our unique approach to ecommerce sets us apart from the stereotype of marketplace sellers. Our core principles of integrity, innovation, communication, and hard work lead to lasting partnerships and mutual growth.

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We Aren’t Your Typical Ecommerce Partner

We Buy Your Product

You’ve put a lot of work into manufacturing a great product and you deserve a buying partner you can trust. We purchase product in bulk so you have immediate gratification.

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We Store Your Product

We will never ask you to drop-ship your product. We have our own warehouse and will take care of each shipment from order to sale. That way you can continue doing what you do best – manufacturing great products!

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We Market Your Product

Our marketplace marketing process is intensive. We follow MAP policy and are results driven. A+ Content, photography, SEO optimization, and product advertising across Amazon are all included in our service at no additional cost. We don’t charge any marketing fees because we understand that our success is tied to your product’s success.

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We Ship Your Product

One of the big differences in marketplace sales is shipping speed. We utilize Amazon fulfillment centers so that your product gets to customers within two days. That means more sales, better reviews, and happier customers.

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We Evaluate Your Product

Proper sales evaluation takes time. We have dedicated team members watching over your products to track and grow sales on Amazon. We quickly identify necessary marketing needs, communicate with you on success, and work to drive the most sales possible.

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We Order More Of Your Product

We optimize orders to retain 30 days of stock. We take care of the reordering process, so you get immediate profits when we grow sales. It seems simple, but when we partner with you, we target sales goals and aggressively achieve them.

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Trusted Suppliers

  • "SupplyKick has been instrumental in helping us overcome the hurdles when navigating the e-Commerce industry. They act as a translator to take our message and have it easily converted to a format that can be used to promote our online presence and in return sales. The staff has outperformed expectations as we are experiencing numbers that we were expecting years into the program and not months.”

    BOB PETRUNGARO Director of Sales
  • “We have been working with Supplykick for about a year now and we have seen significant increases in the sales of our products that Supplykick carries. They have a great team of professionals that know what they are doing and are extremely easy to work with. Great Partnership!"

    EUGENE SMITTY President
  • "SupplyKick's personnel is great to deal with. I know that is not monetary but for what it’s worth they are one of our best communicating, paying and volume customers we have."

    DANIEL KNAPP Oneida Air Systems

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