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Amazon won’t change the details of my product page. What should I do?

May 28, 2018 11:35:00 AM

When a brand sells on Amazon, it wants full control over all aspects of product listings. This means photographs, descriptions, keywords, and more. In order to maintain complete transparency with buyers, you as a seller might need to make updates and changes to product listings. These listing updates are nothing out of the ordinary. They are a common part of the Amazon selling process and are often necessary to keep listings new and fresh. Brands can change listing language and messaging to reflect buyer feedback, or change product photographs to highlight updates and changes in the product line.

As common as these listing updates are, sometimes they might not go live on a product page for various reasons: Amazon is also selling the product and wants to safeguard the listing messaging, or the proposed updates don’t meet listing standards, or another seller controls the listing and the buy box. Whatever the reason, if listing updates don’t go live, sellers must open a case directly with Amazon.

If an update issue occurs that warrants a case, you can go to ‘Contact Us’ in the Amazon Seller Central portal to open a case. Here, you can explain your update requests, including details around why the update is necessary and why your brand is the rightful seller of the product. After a case is opened, Amazon reps will work directly with you to manually push the update through. Unfortunately, though, because Amazon is such a large e-commerce marketplace with thousands upon thousands of sellers, this manual update process can quickly grow complicated and out of hand.

Between several email exchanges and even perhaps a few phone calls, your updates will eventually be recorded, but it can take weeks for the listing to reflect the changes. For small and mid-size brands with few logistics resources, this can turn into a tedious, time-consuming process that is nothing short of overwhelming. This is why many brands work with third party sellers, like SupplyKick, to represent their brands on Amazon. Because SupplyKick purchases product in bulk upfront, our team becomes the actual seller of the product on Amazon, making us responsible for handling all product listing updates, issues, and processes with the Amazon team. If your brand has an update to a listing, it only requires a quick conversation with the SupplyKick team to let us know of the request and the details behind it. The SupplyKick team then handles the tedious conversations and emails so you don’t have to. With a trusted third party seller in your corner, your brand can sit back and relax while we handle the busy work. Take the stress out of Amazon updates with SupplyKick – get started today!

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