Our Simplified Solution to Increase Amazon Sales

At SupplyKick, we simplify the world of Amazon and help your brand execute an effective, sustainable selling strategy to grow sales the right way.

We Buy Your Product

No charge-backs. No hidden service fees. No payment delays. We buy your product in bulk on net 30 terms and serve as your all-encompassing Amazon retailer. We thrive on communication and work with you to ensure that your brand and products are represented correctly.

We focus on growing our purchase orders with each of our partners to ensure mutual success. We put our skin in the game because we believe in your product.

Learn how partnering with a single seller like SupplyKick is the most effective way to manage and grow your brand on Amazon.


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We Store Your Product

Tired of drop-shipping frustrations and storing product for other companies? We warehouse your product ourselves to give you the space and time needed to continue manufacturing great items.

Located in the heart of Indianapolis, we work with you to create the best shipping arrangements. From there, we utilize Amazon fulfillment centers to get shipments out to customers faster and to get inventory in stock quicker. Are you aware of the benefits of Amazon’s FBA service?

Let us show you how our FBA relationship can ease your logistical challenges.



We Market Your Product

Are you marketing your products on Amazon correctly? Amazon doesn’t have the time or interest to invest in marketing every item, and other e-commerce companies will charge you for their marketing services. Unless you have the time and resources to invest in operating a platform like Amazon Seller Central yourself, you’re likely in need of assistance.

At SupplyKick, we analyze every item we sell and optimize product listings to quickly grow traffic and sales.

Some solutions we provide:

  • Photography
  • Keyword based descriptions
  • Customer review growth
  • Keyword advertising

  • MAP policy enforcement
  • A+ content
  • E-commerce marketplace growth capabilities

The best part? It’s free. Learn how marketing your products effectively on Amazon can take your sales to the next level.


We Ship Your Product

Any brand that sells online knows that shipping is crucial. Online shoppers want their purchases fulfilled quickly and hate the idea of additional fees attached to their order.

SupplyKick offers Amazon Prime two-day shipping on all orders, eliminating additional fees. Our Amazon FBA fulfillment solution takes the weight off of you and puts your products in the hands of consumers quickly and cost-effectively.

Learn how Amazon Prime benefits sellers on Amazon just as much as it does consumers.



We Analyze Your Product

Are you currently evaluating your product performance online? We look closely at every one of our partners’ items and evaluate product reviews, sales, and marketing efforts and put the best strategy in place for your product.

Other e-commerce companies aren’t going to spend the time it takes to correct listing issues, create effective advertising campaigns, and evaluate product performance.

Learn how SupplyKick makes data-driven decisions to grow your product sales on Amazon.


Evaluate Evaluate

We Order More Product

Sick of stock-outs and inventory issues on Amazon? Our logistics team evaluates inventory levels closely, allowing us to re-order product in a timely manner to ensure that your products stay in stock.

At SupplyKick, we’ll never surprise you with charge-backs or fees. We keep your product in stock and moving so you can focus on the things that matter.

Ready to partner with a seller with the Amazon expertise to take your sales to the next level? Let’s talk today!

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