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National Hardware Show 2018: The 5 Biggest Problems with Amazon Retail

May 22, 2018 2:50:57 PM

With the 2018 National Hardware Show now a few weeks behind us, our team has been reflecting on the conversations had with so many great brands and manufacturers at the conference. While every situation is unique and every brand faces its own challenges, one refrain remained constant: selling directly to Amazon Retail presents a variety of unexpected challenges.

For brands looking to translate their retail strategy to the online marketplace giant, selling directly to Amazon can appear to be an easy solution. However, we found five common problems to be recurring themes during our conversations at the 2018 National Hardware Show.

1. MAP Policy Violations

MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price, which is the lowest price that a seller agrees to display on a product for sale. On Amazon, MAP policies are often violated by third party sellers seeking to win Amazon’s Buy Box, but as many brands have discovered, Amazon itself will also break MAP to maintain that coveted real estate.

Working with an exclusive seller that agrees upfront to your minimum advertised price is the only way to eliminate these violations. Not only does SupplyKick never break MAP, but we have a dedicated account manager monitoring your product listings daily to ensure that your pricing stays consistent and competitive.


2. Poor Communication

When it comes to an effective e-commerce strategy, getting your products distributed and listed on Amazon is only half the battle. What happens when your MAP policy is violated or when an issue arises with your product listing? Time and again, attendees at the National Hardware Show commented on their inability to get in contact with an Amazon representative who could resolve their issue.

SupplyKick values transparent communication and our account managers are available at all times to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide insight into your brand’s performance on Amazon. In the fast-paced world of online retail, why wait for answers?


3. Tracking Returns

Just as in physical retail stores, returns are certain to happen with online orders. Many brands without a selling partner on Amazon are forced to handle returns themselves as issues mount. Even when selling to Amazon Retail, things are bound to slip through the cracks with limited visibility into customer service entries.

At SupplyKick, not only do we manage all product returns, we use data compiled through the returns process to identify trends and then work to proactively remove common issues that lead to returns, increasing profit and leading to a better customer experience with your brand.


4. Content Wars

On Amazon, the content on your product listings, including product images, bullet points, and product descriptions, are vital to providing customers with accurate information and increasing traffic and conversion rate. Unfortunately, without proper representation, product content is subject to change from third party sellers and Amazon itself.

Instead of fighting to keep your content accurate, have you considered partnering with a trusted seller that works with you to ensure content accuracy and leverages Amazon’s Brand Registry program to lock down and protect the content on your Amazon listings?


5. Logistical Challenges

Many brands we spoke with at the 2018 National Hardware Show are tired of printing their own labels and organizing shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Online retail is complicated enough, without the extra manpower and energy required to ensure that your products get to the right place at the right time.

SupplyKick solves these logistical challenges by ensuring that your products get to the right distribution centers and that orders are fulfilled within two days for Amazon Prime customers. We handle shipping and product fulfillment from start to finish, allowing you to put time and energy back into manufacturing great products.

For brands tired of the lack of consistency and communication provided by Amazon Retail and other third party sellers on the Amazon marketplace, the solution lies in a trusted partner like SupplyKick. Let us take the stress out of Amazon and put our tried and tested, integrated Amazon selling strategy to work on behalf of your brand.

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