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Top Marketing Strategies for Selling in the Amazon Baby Category

Nov 16, 2020 7:53:45 PM

Amazon Baby Categories

For Amazon sellers, the Baby category is more popular than ever before—especially as U.S. online sales for baby products have greatly increased during the pandemic. Popularity for this category is only slated to grow as Millennial and future Gen Z parents continue to favor convenience over in-person shopping.

To help you prepare for success now and in the coming years, we put together this go-to guide to successfully market your baby products and stay competitive on Amazon. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Who is shopping in the Baby category and what they value most
  • The current landscape of the Amazon Baby category and subcategories
  • 3 tried-and-true marketing recommendations for selling in the Baby category


Understanding and appealing to Baby category shoppers

Parents today juggle a lot—including shopping for their kids, themselves, and their homes. On top of this, they’re always on the go and are more apt to shop on their phone than on a desktop or in-store. In fact, 75% of parents shop using their mobile device. This always-distracted, on-the-go mentality means they value efficient experiences that allow them to check off their “to-do’s” as quickly as possible.

Parents have a lot to think about when it comes to shopping: price, quality, convenience, quick shipping, and how much time it will save them are just some of the top factors parents weigh when making purchase decisions. The most important of these is price—and while parents are cost-conscious, they still want what’s best for their baby. They’re not interested in saving money on a slightly lesser-quality product if it means sacrificing safety.

It’s important to note that parents aren’t the only ones purchasing baby products on Amazon. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers also love to spoil, and in fact 40% of baby-related sales come from someone other than a parent.

Parents have unique needs for a range of items that other consumers don’t—some essential, some less so. But, what can brands do to attract attention from these shoppers specifically on Amazon? We’ll dive into that below.


The Amazon Baby category and subcategory landscape

Selling baby products on Amazon is one of the smartest choices you can make considering Amazon owns almost 50% of all market share for online baby supplies. Selling on Amazon can also open you up to opportunities such as Subscribe & Save and Amazon Family programs as well as inclusion in Amazon Baby Registry. 

For sellers of baby products on Amazon, it’s important to do your category research beforehand. The Baby category is vast and holds an assortment of products designed for those under the age of four—there are many subcategories to consider, and you’ll want to make sure you place your product in the appropriate category so it ranks well and is not flagged to be suspended.

Here is a breakdown of the subcategories within Amazon Baby:

  • Activity & Entertainment
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Baby & Toddler Toys
  • Baby Care
  • Baby Stationery
  • Best Sellers
  • Car Seats & Accessories
  • Diapering
  • Feeding
  • Gifts
  • Nursery
  • Potty Training
  • Pregnancy & Maternity
  • Safety
  • Strollers & Accessories
  • Travel Gear


Marketing tips for selling in the Baby category on Amazon

Remember, those making purchases in the Baby category value efficiency and convenience, while also connecting with the product story and trusting the quality of the product for their baby or everyday needs. 

To stand out to these shoppers and increase the likelihood they’ll convert on your Amazon listing over another, here are the most important marketing strategies to execute:


Include high quality lifestyle product photography. Parents want to envision their own little bundle of joy using the product you’re selling. Make sure to include photos that show the product being used. As an example, take a look at these lifestyle photos that appear on the listing for a Bumbo floor seat. By showing both the parent and baby interacting with the product, shoppers gain a better understanding of what the product will be like in person (scale and functionality) as well as context.

Amazon Lifestyle PhotographyLifestyle PhotographyLifestyle Photography on Amazon


  • Include 1-2 white background photos of the product and 2-3 lifestyle photos.
  • Combine white background and lifestyle photography with graphic overlays (showcasing product benefits, features, instructions) to build trust and proactively answer any questions the customer may have.

Use strategic A+ Content to tell your brand story. In addition to optimized product images, you’ll also need superb A+ Content design to help tell your brand and product story. For example, ciao! baby is a brand built by parents who wanted other parents to connect with their story, so they made sure to showcase it within their A+ Content. Learn more about how the Louisville-based manufacturer of portable high chairs found success on Amazon with our case study.

Amazon A+ Content


  • Clearly call out the key features of the product and show how easy it is to use to reinforce the value for the parent or caregiver.
  • Along with plenty of visuals, be sure to present brand and product legitimacy. Parents and caregivers are more conscious about ensuring a product is safe for their baby, so you’ll want to showcase any accreditations, awards, or health and safety considerations.

Maintain an optimized Amazon SEO & Advertising strategy. As we’ve stated before, the Amazon Baby category is large and filled with all kinds of different and similar products. To ensure your listings show up when shoppers search, always use proper keyword targeting and optimize your keywords regularly—and leverage the right Amazon Advertising tools to reach and convert the right customers.

SEO Optimized Amazon Listing


  • Perform in-depth keyword research on your products. Make sure you understand what parents and caregivers are searching for and place these targeted keywords in all of your product’s copy (title, bullet points, product descriptions). For example, take a look at the Bumbo Multi Seat. This product’s copy targets specific keywords such as multi seat, baby support seat, and baby floor seat.
  • The Baby category is filled with so many products, some of them are bound to be similar. It’s imperative to target these competitive brands using Amazon Advertising. To do this, use the Sponsored Products tool to target specific ASINs. We also recommend setting up Sponsored Ads for your baby products. These are a great option for baby brands since they allow sellers to connect with brand loyal customers as well as new audience members who might just be perusing Amazon.


Finding a selling partner who specializes in Amazon Baby

For baby manufacturers and retailers looking to grow their sales on Amazon, it can be difficult getting started or standing out in such a saturated market. But SupplyKick can help. Our team has partnered with many baby brands on Amazon, including Bumbo and ciao! Baby, to save them time and grow their brand presence and sales on the marketplace. Connect with us to learn more about partnering with SupplyKick.

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