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Why Your Product Photography Matters on Amazon

Jan 15, 2018 9:36:35 AM

When customers buy products on Amazon, their decision comes down to two main factors – reviews and photos. This means that, when retailers are actively selling products on Amazon, these two important items need to be professional, clear, and engaging.

While customer reviews are quite difficult to manage from the selling side, product images are something that retailers have complete control of. It’s obvious, however, when looking at some examples of Amazon product photography exactly how many retailers don’t have a clear grasp of how to optimize product images to maximize sales.

Why Great Photos Matter

Amazon has clear guidelines laid out for product photography that must be followed in order to render on the marketplace. These guidelines include things like having a plain white background with no graphics present, utilizing imported images that are at least 1000px high or wider, and adhering to specific file name indicators. While meeting these guidelines is a great first step for brands, taking product photography a step further can help maximize sales and increase exposure on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

It is possible for brands to increase sales and win the buy box simply by meeting Amazon’s guidelines and optimizing all aspects of product photos. These under-the-radar tips include:

  • Adding at least 5-7 product images to a page
  • Capturing images of products from all possible angles
  • Playing with lines and spacing to create engaging images

Keeping product photos fresh can increase engagement, conversions, and, ultimately, sales.

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Too often, retailers that know they want to achieve optimal online sales don’t have the necessary resources to dedicate to product photography. This is where working with a third-party seller can be helpful. Some sellers on Amazon have their own in-house photographers who are trained professionals and know exactly how to capture products for maximum selling potential. Taking these services out-of-house also alleviates unnecessary time and cost burdens from brands that no longer need to dedicate resources to make timely updates to product pages or take multiple new product photos.

Retailers and brands looking to gain serious traction in the Amazon buy box or other similar marketplace features can also lean on third parties to help with photo editing and retouching. While products often look ‘fine’ or ‘just okay’ when shot on, say, a smartphone, professional third party retailers can actually retouch and finish product photos to make them look perfect from every angle. Professional-quality product photos can catch consumer attention, increase conversions, and even promote positive reviews, bringing retailer success full-circle.

Win the Buy Box with SupplyKick

Take your product photography to the next level with the professionals at SupplyKick. Our product photographers help brands and retailers maximize sales on Amazon and other online marketplaces through high-quality, engaging images. Ready to liven up your listings? Let's talk today.

Photo by Miss Zhang

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