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The Importance of Amazon Seller Feedback

Jan 10, 2018 10:54:28 AM

When it comes to moving product via Amazon, there is one aspect that can make or break a brand—obtaining the coveted buy box. As third-party retailers and manufacturers gain an increasingly large presence on Amazon (even larger than Amazon itself), it only makes sense that certain products and merchandise would be sold by multiple retailers. There can only be one, however, that makes it to the holy grail of Amazon sellers: The Buy Box.

Why the Buy Box Matters

The importance of the buy box is exponential to sellers looking to increase their bottom line via Amazon. According to BigCommerce, a whopping 82% of all Amazon’s sales happen via the buy box. This is because the ‘buy now’ button is easy to see, access, and click. This is even more true on mobile, where the buy box is located directly below the product image, enabling shoppers to buy with a single click without even having to scroll down the page.

The buy box is also important for brands and retailers looking to gain credibility and build trust in the marketplace. Being a featured seller on Amazon is no small feat, and shoppers are savvy enough to realize the gravity of being called out in such a prominent position. This is because, at the end of the day, winning the buy box depends on a seller’s feedback rating given by customers.

How to Take Over the Buy Box

While Amazon’s buy box algorithm takes into account multiple influencing factors including fulfillment method, Amazon Prime eligibility, and price, one of the most important elements is a seller’s feedback rating. Customers can leave feedback for sellers on every single order they place, which quickly adds up. Seller feedback takes into account answers to questions like whether or not the product arrived on time, if it was accurately described by the seller, and if the seller was courteous and respectful.

Unfortunately, this is where brands and manufacturers can identify problems with third party retailers on Amazon. With so many different options for consumers to choose from, there is an abundance of noise when it comes to seller ratings and which seller is ultimately selected for the buy box. These varying seller feedback ratings can actually hurt a brand in the long run, unless the brand takes proactive steps to win the buy box outright.

Optimizing Seller Feedback

Brands can proactively start to control seller feedback, without involving customers, by narrowing down the number of sellers pushing their products. By confining possible sales to one or two vendors, brands can directly influence who is winning the buy box. They can also choose exactly who is representing the brand on Amazon, ruling out any untrustworthy or shady third-party sellers.

For brands representing themselves on Amazon, it is possible to take manual steps to reverse or directly address negative consumer feedback received. These steps include:

  • Contacting Amazon to discuss the issue
  • Contacting the consumer to resolve any problems
  • Removing the feedback all together

However your brand is represented on Amazon, winning the buy box is key to increasing sales and optimizing profits on Amazon.

Start Winning the Buy Box Today

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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