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How to Avoid MAP Policy Violations

Jan 8, 2018 4:00:12 AM

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As today’s brands and manufacturers look to move beyond brick-and-mortar stores, many are turning to online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or even Walmart.com. The easiest way to build a presence on these mega-platforms is through a trusted resale partner. Unfortunately, when it comes conducting business with online resale partners, organizations can’t always be certain that brand policies and regulations are being followed to a tee. This includes the Minimum Average Price (MAP) policy in place for many brands today.

Most online resellers can easily alter prices on marketplaces without manufacturers being made aware by offering deep discount codes, extending offers, or even providing shipping discounts. These violations are entirely illegal and can negatively impact a brand’s overall profit margins.


Why Having a MAP Policy Matters

In the highly competitive, discount-heavy world of online marketplaces, an influx of product has made it more important than ever for brands to take action against deep discounts to still realize profitable goals. MAP policies are legal reinforcements that ensure a brand is protected on these marketplaces from resellers looking to move product at the lowest possible price. An effective MAP policy ensures that a brand’s credibility and integrity stays intact regardless of where consumers are encountering the products.


Take a Stand Against MAP Policy Violations

When a brand or manufacturer works with a single online resale partner, they have more control and insight into the costs associated with all of the online marketplaces being utilized. This results in a steady, consistent purchase price for consumers, no matter where they find the products. When brands work with multiple online retailers—some of which may be untrustworthy —they run the risk of seeing wildly fluctuating purchase prices, sometimes even on the same site.

Working with a single selling partner that handles behind-the-scenes decisions, in accordance with company standards, makes it easy for brands to have more control and insight into MAP policies, messaging, and other factors. Building a strong, 1:1 relationship with an online resale partner means that a trusted individual is also taking the time to monitor and address MAP policy violations if and when they do occur, and then working with the brand to determine the most appropriate corrective action.


At SupplyKick, we understand the need for businesses of all sizes to regain control of their products—without jumping through hoops. If you're ready to weed out MAP policy violators and take control of your brand's online marketplace presence, let's talk.

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