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Amazon Feature Recap: Latest Marketing & Advertising Updates to Know About

Jan 8, 2021 7:20:11 PM

The Ultimate Amazon Marketing Playbook: 2022 Edition

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes change and reflection on ways to grow your business. For Amazon sellers, this time of reflection is the perfect opportunity to research new tools, find new features, and strengthen your Amazon marketing and advertising strategy for 2021.

Amazon Marketing and Advertising 2021

So, as you claw your way out of your holiday email inbox, take a quick look at some of the newest Amazon advertising and marketing features—released over the past few months—that our team has been testing and paying close attention to lately. If you’re not already, be sure to take advantage of these updates (and if you need help with your Amazon advertising strategy, SupplyKick is here for you). Here’s what’s new on Amazon:


Sponsored Brands

New search term reports are available in console: The new Sponsored Brand search term report helps Amazon sellers understand how campaigns perform compared to other advertisers in relation to ad impressions. It shows account-wide ad impression count for each search term, how this compares to other advertisers, and the overall percentage of ad impressions you receive vs. other advertisers over a selected time period.

Deal messaging automatically populates in headline: Amazon Sellers can now feature deal savings messaging in their Sponsored Brands ads with no additional work required. Sponsored Brands ads that feature products with live deals will display an updated call to action.Amazon Marketing and Advertising Update 2021: Sponsored Brands


Sponsored Display

Custom headlines and logos: Advertisers now have the ability to change the brand logo used in Sponsored Display ads, as well as add a product headline of up to 50 characters. This recent update combines the ability to customize headlines and logos for a specific target market.Amazon Marketing and Advertising Update 2021: Sponsored Display

New ad placements available on product pages: Amazon continues to add more opportunities for advertisers to use a variety of placements for their Sponsored Display ads—new placements available include Amazon’s Top Stripe and Amazon Mobile Leaderboard. At this time, you’re unable to bid on a specific placement for your ads, however Amazon is testing to see what placement works best for your product and they will adjust the placement based on historical conversion of the ads.


Manager Accounts

Streamlined advertising dashboard: Advertisers and agencies can link multiple advertising accounts to a single dashboard and view account-level alerts, insights, and performance metrics across all accounts.Amazon Marketing and Advertising Update 2021: Manager Accounts


Amazon Attribution

Improved conversion tracking from social platforms: Amazon Attribution is an advertising and analytics measurement platform that gives marketers insights into their non-Amazon marketing channels such as search, social, video, display, and more. The platform is currently only available to Brand Registered sellers in certain countries—but those who use Amazon Attribution should see improved functions for social in-app measurement. This will allow Amazon advertisers to report on conversions for ads or posts clicked within an in-app social environment (as long as they happen during the standard 14-day window).

Expanded bulk operations capabilities for social: Amazon has also improved their ability to work with Facebook Ads by setting up bulk operations that let advertisers automatically generate up to 8,500 Amazon Attribution measurement tags by uploading a single file. Once the tags have been generated, advertisers can download the file for easy implementation, quickening the process of creating campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.


Start the new year on the right foot

We all have goals we want to accomplish in the new year. At SupplyKick, we continue to strive to do great work for our partners by growing their sales and brand presence on the Amazon marketplace. As a full-service Amazon marketing agency, we update our partners with all timely Amazon releases so they can beat out the growing competition in the marketplace.

If any of your goals this year include streamlining your Amazon business, increasing sales, or saving time so you can focus on other key business needs—let’s talk about how a Wholesale or Agency partnership with SupplyKick can help you accomplish all of your 2021 goals.

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