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Amazon 2021 Holiday Calendar: Most Important Dates for FBA Sellers

Lowell Bieber
Jan 15, 2021 2:20:54 PM

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Sellers know that a big part of succeeding on Amazon is the ability to execute a well-planned strategy that ensures they stay in stock during peak shopping days. For many FBA sellers, a big question is, “When should I send in my inventory to ensure it’s received on time?” This can be difficult to predict—especially during a pandemic—but scheduling out your logistics calendar is something all Amazon sellers need to pay close attention to. Keeping track of key dates and events is also crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your 2021 marketing and advertising strategy.

To help you prepare, our logistics team created this calendar that tells you the most important dates to know and when you should send your inventory to Amazon—ensuring you remain in stock and drive sales all year long:

Amazon FBA 2021 Holiday Calendar

  • Valentine's Day: February 14  |  Inventory Send-In Date: November 14, 2020
  • Mother's Day: May 9  |  Inventory Send-In Date: February 8
  • Memorial Day: May 31  |  Inventory Send-In Date: February 23
  • Father's Day: June 20  |  Inventory Send-In Date: May 17
  • Independence Day: July 4  |  Inventory Send-In Date: April 4
  • Prime Day: Mid July  |  Inventory Send-In Date: Mid April
  • Back to School Season: August 1 - September 6  |  Inventory Send-In Date: June 1
  • Labor Day: September 6  |  Inventory Send-In Date: July 1
  • Halloween: October 31  |  Inventory Send-In Date: August 1
  • Black Friday & Holiday Shopping Season: November 1 - January 1  |  Inventory Send-In Date: August 31



A Few Things to Keep in Mind This Year:

  • Prime Day 2021: Amazon Prime Day 2020 took place in October due to the pandemic. Though Prime Day 2021 has yet to be announced by Amazon, we predict the event will take place in July as it has in year’s past, so that Amazon can take advantage of two distinct top-selling holiday seasons throughout the year.
  • Holiday Season Start Date: Speaking of top-selling seasons, due to Prime Day 2020 taking place mid October, many brands moved up their holiday promotions to begin in October vs. November last year. Though only time will tell, it’s important to keep in mind that brands and consumers might repeat this behavior in 2021 and shop as early as October once again. Pay close attention and plan your inventory send-in and promos accordingly.
  • COVID-19 & Amazon/Consumer Response: After last year, sellers are all too familiar with the impact and fluctuations with Amazon fulfillment and customer shopping habits that can happen due to COVID-19. Luckily we've seen transit times return to essentially their pre-Covid levels, but it’s worth noting that supply chains, stock outs, and typical consumer behavior can continue to be disrupted. Be sure to stay alert and flexible (and read this post).



Need Help With Amazon Inventory Management?

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