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Amazon FBA Provides Holiday Benefits for Sellers

Oct 23, 2017 9:30:02 AM

Amazon FBA Benefits

With the holiday season just around the corner, smart brands are proactively planning an effective logistics strategy to help avoid shipping delays and other fulfillment related issues. However, for brands fulfilling their own products on Amazon, the holidays can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Aside from a rise in shipping costs, labeling, and paperwork, sellers fulfilling their own orders on Amazon will also face increased customer service inquiries and returns during the busy season, bogging down the fulfillment process. All of these challenges will likely lead to delays and unsatisfied customers, despite sellers’ best laid plans.

Fortunately, Amazon offers a solution to many of these logistics challenges through their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service. When combining Amazon’s streamlined fulfillment method with a knowledgeable selling partner, your brand could alleviate holiday headaches and watch sales soar.


What is Fulfillment by Amazon?

Fulfillment by Amazon began in 2006 as a means to improve communication and transactions between businesses and consumers. Today, it has evolved into a word-class fulfillment service that helps sellers on Amazon scale their business and reach customers effectively. From start to finish, FBA can grow your business on Amazon and solve complicated logistical challenges.


What are the Benefits of FBA?

Amazon’s FBA service is a simple and cost-effective way to get your products to your customers. With FBA, sellers can simply ship their products to Amazon fulfillment centers and let Amazon handle the rest, including customer support for order inquiries, refunds, and returns. With these time-consuming tasks handled by Amazon, you’re free to focus on other efforts to rapidly grow your business.

Additionally, sellers that utilize FBA are “Prime-eligible”, meaning that Amazon Prime members will receive free two-day shipping. With over 60 million Amazon Prime customers, making your products Prime-eligible can be a major point of differentiation. Additionally, Prime-eligibility ensures that your products stay in Amazon’s buy box, a key factor in succeeding on Amazon.


Why Partner with an Exclusive Seller?

Sounds great, right? So, what’s the catch? Even though FBA eliminates some logistical hurdles, there’s still a cost to participate in the program and a responsibility to ensure proper labeling, paperwork, and tracking of your shipments to Amazon distribution centers.

At SupplyKick, we utilize FBA while handling the schedule and delivery of all your shipments, ensuring that your products are placed in the top-performing Amazon distribution centers. We also complete all required labeling and paperwork, removing any outstanding fulfillment-related stress from the equation.

In addition to handling all FBA-related tasks, SupplyKick also manages your inventory, forecasts sales, and purchases appropriately to keep your inventory in stock. Our comprehensive inventory planning, particularly during the holiday season, mitigates risk for brands that have had issues stocking out or fulfilling large order quantities.

As the holidays near, is your business armed with an intimate understanding of Amazon’s distribution network? At SupplyKick, we’ve had our holiday fulfillment FBA strategy in place for months to help you avoid delays and ship your products efficiently.

There’s no questioning the effectiveness of Amazon’s FBA service when it comes to growing your business on Amazon. While anyone can fulfill their product with FBA, becoming experts requires another level of proficiency. If you’re ready to combine the efficiency of Amazon’s FBA program with the knowledge of a proven selling partner, let SupplyKick take the stress out of the holiday season.

Amazon FBA and SupplyKick Benefits

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