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A+ Content Guide: Creating Amazon Content That Converts

Dec 10, 2020 4:48:33 PM

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One of the most underused yet most effective elements of any Amazon marketing strategy is A+ Content. Located further down on the product listing page, A+ Content is a valuable retail space that enables brands to expand upon product details while giving them control over their visual identity, leading to consistent branding across channels and legitimizing the product within Amazon.

This visual content is an excellent opportunity for brands to share their unique story, highlight key features, expand on product specifications, and display a consistent brand identity.

A+ Content Guide

However, not all A+ Content is created equal. Many sellers across Amazon use the generic modules that result in a 5% average increase in conversion rate when applied. But developing strategic A+ Content with a thoughtful approach to design and storytelling has proven to increase conversion rate by up to 25%.

In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • Research strategies for highly targeted and optimized content
  • Best practices from an Amazon Platform Branding expert
  • Top design tips and A+ Content examples


Key A+ Content Research & Optimization Strategies

The most important part of implementing an A+ Content strategy that sells? Research. Your enhanced content won’t resonate with consumers unless it’s developed or optimized specifically with their needs in mind. Some considerations during your research sessions should include:

  • Current Content: If content already exists, what brand assets can you work into your design to appeal to the Amazon shopper? Share your company’s history, your unique story, and mention accreditations, awards, or health and safety considerations pertaining to your products. Then, after publishing, pull out your phone and make sure your A+ Content is consistent across desktop and mobile.
  • Competitors & Other Marketplaces: Every product on Amazon is in competition with dozens of other products. And because of Recommended Products that appear on the listing, it’s more crucial than ever that you make your product stand out. Inevitably, most consumers will navigate away from your listing to explore the other options on the market. The best strategy to ensure customers don’t leave your listing in the middle of their decision-making process is to show the Amazon shopper the key differentiators of your product.
  • Brand Voice: A+ Content blocks are the best place for your unique brand voice to shine through and to create a consistent brand experience for your customers. Utilize your brand’s typography, logo, colors, and photography to reinforce your branding and stand out. A+ is the perfect avenue to establish credibility and industry reputation with an audience that may or may not have heard of your brand before.
  • Customer Reviews: Research the feedback and questions your customers have so you can address them up front. If there are recurring issues or questions in the product reviews, proactively address these in your A+ Content to deliver a better customer experience.

    For example, a brand selling health supplements should address where their ingredients come from, any certifications that add credibility, and information on how or why their products work. A brand selling a power tool should address manufacturing processes, materials that make it high-quality and long-lasting, or call out features that make it safer to use.


Best Practices & Design Tips for A+ Content

Once you’ve done all of the research to craft compelling A+ Content that will appeal and engage both your brand audience and the specific needs of the Amazon consumer, there are additional best practices and design tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are the top recommendations that, when implemented into your A+ Content, can be a game-changer for conversion and standing out against competitors on the marketplace:

  • Use all modules available: When using Seller Central, you now have up to 7 modules with set dimensions to utilize (for those using Vendor Central you have 5 modules), so you’ll want to use it wisely.
  • Go beyond the basic templates + optimize for mobile: The basic templates that Amazon provides may be easy to use, but are visually uncompelling and look like the majority of other A+ Content that exists on Amazon. Create your own unique templates to ensure you’re optimizing everything for both desktop and mobile experiences.
  • Always keep your end-goal in mind: It may be easy to get caught up in all of the details and design when creating A+ Content, but be sure to keep the end-goal in mind at all times for this area of your product listing. Enhanced content can increase conversions while decreasing return rates, so at its very core, your content should a) look good, b) accurately represent your product, and c) appeal to any comparison shoppers on Amazon right out of the gate.
  • Include the following product info: The longer you can keep people on your listings—the longer you can keep them reading about your product and looking at images—the more likely they are to convert. We recommend including as much technical detail and product features as possible to provide the Amazon shopper with a clear picture of the product they’re considering.
  • Get inspired by other brands: Looking for inspiration for A+ Content that converts? Take a look at some examples of A+ Content we’ve created for brand partners below, and read our post that breaks down 9 design tips for A+ Content with additional recommendations and listing examples.

    A+ Content Guide: Examples


Do Interactive Modules in A+ Content improve conversion rate?

We often get asked about interactive modules on Amazon, a feature that can be leveraged in A+ or Enhanced Brand Content. At SupplyKick, we typically use static image modules only. That’s because interactive modules require more work from the shopper to engage—and the feature itself has very limited formatting capabilities.

Our team split-tested A+ Content for ciao! baby, a SupplyKick brand partner, showing their A+ Content with and without an interactive module to customers. The winner: Non-interactive, static A+ Content converted more shoppers! Our recommendation: Continue to stay hyper-focused on adding and optimizing the visual elements in your listings that do convert. More on those elements here > 

Parnter-Newsletter-A-Content ezgif.com-gif-maker
Static A+ Content Interactive A+ Content





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