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Curtis Wagner

Curtis Wagner sold directly to Amazon before working with us, but grew frustrated with the frequent charge-backs, customer complaints, and inconsistent listings Amazon produced. They weren’t equipped to manage their products on Amazon though, so they decided to utilize us to grow their e-commerce marketplace business. Since then, we have doubled their sales volume, corrected serious product description issues, increased marketing, and have helped them plan their e-commerce marketplace growth for the future.

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Earthway was selling a large amount of product directly to Amazon and other e-commerce marketplace retailers, but they were tired of the constant communication issues and inconsistent answers they would receive from them. After hearing what we could do to market their products better and learning that they would always have a direct contact to ask questions to, they were excited to get started. We have already outpaced Amazon’s sales for every Earthway product we carry and have been working to expand the brand’s online marketplace presence.

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Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware was skeptical of selling their products through online marketplaces due to the additional work other e-commerce retailers wanted them to do, which placed an extra weight on their shoulders. We were able to customize our operations to work with their existing structure to purchase from them like their brick and mortar retailers, taking on the burden of e-commerce sales off their shoulders. E-commerce sales of their products have grown exponentially and we have become one of the largest retailers of Johnson Hardware products.

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Dometic has a large line of products in the RV and automotive industry, but was struggling to get increased visibility in online marketplaces, including Amazon. Since beginning our partnership, we have been able to improve and market each Dometic product listing, providing a better overall experience of their product line. In the process, we have been able to steadily provide stability for their brand’s marketplace presence and continually raise prices. We are currently adding new Dometic products and assisting in the visibility of their recent re-branding efforts.

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Oneida Air

Oneida Air’s issues with other e-commerce retailers stemmed from the reluctance of the retailers to make any investment into selling Oneida’s products. Other companies wanted them to drop-ship their product, which would have required major restructuring to their already busy operations. Working with us appealed to them because we buy and store all the products we sell. They quickly got on board and sales for the items we carry have tripled and we are looking for ways to expand their brand even further online.

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Lew Electric

Lew Electric products were previously sold on Amazon by brick and mortar stores who put minimal effort into creating value to online shoppers. Thus, sales were lackluster due to poor image quality and minimal content on product listings. Since our partnership began, we have enhanced their product listings and have created a massive new revenue stream for the brand. We have also expanded their brand to Amazon Canada and Walmart.com while keeping prices up and marketing efforts consistent.

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Killer Tools

Killer Tools’ online marketplace presence suffered from a lack of clarity. Listings across their product line showcased poor product photos and insufficient information about the products themselves. We have been able to add multiple quality images to each Killer Tools listing and provide helpful descriptions for buyers. Additionally, we have taken listings that had long wait times for shipments and provided 2-day Amazon Prime shipping to drastically improve sales. As a result, customer experience when visiting Killer Tools listings continues to improve.

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