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Why Your Amazon Product Reviews Matter

Mar 19, 2018 9:56:11 AM

Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon customer reviews can be a double-edge sword for many brands selling on the marketplace. On one hand, good customer reviews can help increase sales, but on the other hand, negative reviews can be a huge setback. Customer feedback and reviews can help attract a new online audience and increase conversion rates. Over 70% of global consumers trust online reviews, and reviews on Amazon are especially trustworthy. Amazon is notoriously protective of customer reviews, and this attention to honesty only serves to build up customer confidence. Amazon can also be picky about which brands and products are highlighted on the site, which is why customer feedback and reviews are so important.

For online consumers, customer reviews are one of the only ways they can research and understand a product without seeing or using it firsthand. Brands who sell products through Amazon can use customer reviews and feedback to build product integrity and brand reputation. Amazon reviews are widely read and rated by customers, and they should be monitored closely by sellers in case anything warrants a response.

Many sellers on Amazon also leverage customer reviews and ratings to help win the buy box, which makes it easier for customers to purchase specific products. Only products with high customer ratings and reviews can make it into the buy box (another example of how Amazon protects product integrity) which highlights the direct correlation between reviews and increased sales.

As Amazon shoppers become savvier and understand the Amazon marketplace better, reviews have begun to play a larger role in search rankings. Shoppers can actually search products based on the number of reviews and ratings, which helps them to make better buying decisions. In fact, 64% of purchases in the technology department alone are based upon posted reviews and ratings, and one can imagine similarly high numbers across other departments.


3 Ways to Increase Product Reviews

Knowing how important customer reviews are to moving product and building a brand reputation on Amazon, brands should strive to increase new product reviews and ratings. In order to guard the validity of customer reviews, brands can’t boost ratings or reviews through paid means, which means brands must increase positive product reviews in other ways:

1. Optimize product listings

One of the most common reasons a customer writes a negative review is because the purchased product was nothing like the description or image made it out to be. Brands can take proactive steps to decrease negative reviews by optimizing product listings. This can mean anything from adding more detailed content to upgrading product images and photos.

2. Drive more traffic to product pages

When more shoppers are visiting product pages, there is a higher probability for purchase, and thus a higher probability of positive consumer feedback. While positive Amazon reviews increase search rankings, these rankings drive page traffic, which in turn drives reviews – brands leveraging this cycle of success are in a great position to benefit from the increased traffic. 

3. Increase conversion rates

Once a shopper is actually on a product page, they rely on the product description and reviews to make a purchase decision. When more shoppers actually purchase a product, it means more consumers are qualified to write reviews. Sellers should also think about engaging with past buyers to help influence repeat customers.


Let Your Listings Do the Work

Working with a single seller like SupplyKick can help naturally grow positive product reviews without any heavy lifting from your brand. Let SupplyKick help increase your search volume and brand presence – learn more today!

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