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What Story is Your Brand Telling on Amazon?

Sep 28, 2017 4:05:06 PM

Which of these two products would you be more likely to purchase?

Your Brand's Image on Amazon    Your Brand's Image on Amazon 

Even for the casual observer, the answer is clear. If you're not taking action to ensure that your brand's products are being properly represented on Amazon, no one else will. It is a brand’s responsibility to tell a compelling story about their product through images, videos, persuasive copy, and overall visual presentation.

When it comes to Amazon, success lies in the (product) details. That's why SupplyKick Director of Partner Success Dan Lindsey recently shared an article with the Forbes Business Development Council titled "Three Ways to Increase Your Digital Brand Value on Amazon." In the article, Dan explains how smart brands can succeed and see sales soar by taking control of their presence on Amazon.

While cleaning up your product listings requires time and effort, the payoff is undeniable. Ready to get started? Learn how SupplyKick can elevate your brand's presence on Amazon and take your sales to the next level.

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