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SupplyKick is Your Solution to Customer Service on Amazon

Mar 10, 2020 8:43:00 AM

Delivering effective customer service on Amazon is an uphill battle. How do brands connect with consumers when they are not face-to-face with them, or engaging on a dedicated brand website? When done correctly, forging positive relationships with customers takes a lot of time and energy. Here are some examples of how we strive to deliver amazing customer service on Amazon:

Optimized Communication

When a customer purchases a product from SupplyKick, it generates an email campaign designed specifically to solicit feedback and deliver vital information directly to the customer. Customers receive an email from SupplyKick one week after delivery of their purchased product thanking them for their purchase and asking them to take the time to honestly rate the product. This email also includes links for the customer to reach out with any questions or comments about their shopping experience. SupplyKick is able to customize these messages to fit each company and their respective brand identity.


Timely Responses

If customers do reach out with messages and/or questions, the SupplyKick team answers all incoming calls, emails, and CRM messages within 24 hours. Typically, these messages go through Amazon’s Seller Central messaging system for brand continuity and credibility. If there is a situation requiring immediate action, the SupplyKick Customer Relations team will pull in other resources from across the company to deliver the best solution to that customer to ensure a positive experience.


Constant Monitoring of Product Reviews

While it may seem that customers can leave product reviews saying whatever they want, there are actually some rules in place. When a product review for one of our partner brands breaks these guidelines (such as including obscene language), SupplyKick makes a case directly with Amazon to have the review removed.  


A Best-in-Class Seller Feedback Rating

Seller feedback is how customers rate their overall Amazon buying experience. Unlike other generic third-party sellers, SupplyKick takes this feedback very seriously and utilizes it to constantly improve and update our service. As of March 2020, SupplyKick has a seller rating of 99% from over 24,000 ratings. This positive seller rating has made it possible for the SupplyKick team to favorably represent our partner brands as well as attract new customers and earn their trust before they make a purchase decision.


Personalized Customer Answers

Every product on Amazon has customer questions associated with it, but the best listings will have actual seller responses to these questions. The SupplyKick team constantly monitors all of our partners' product listings to answer any questions that come through in a timely and accurate manner. The team is continuously optimizing email campaigns to improve the vital relationship between the consumer and seller. Our work is designed to deliver a more personalized feel to customer service processes, to mitigate confusion, and lessen dissatisfaction on products.


Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with SupplyKick

SupplyKick’s Customer Relations team has years of experience managing our partners customer service needs, and as the Amazon platform continues to grow, so has our mission to help companies deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

As a representative of our brand partners on the Amazon platform, we ensure every single customer is taken care of from the beginning of the buying cycle to the end of the online shopping experience. Our committed Customer Relations team has an overarching goal to serve and protect our customers, even if this means going above and beyond Amazon itself.

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