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Spend Your Holiday Advertising Dollars the Right Way

Dec 4, 2019 11:18:15 AM

For brands selling online, every advertising dollar spent counts. However, if your brand is selling on Amazon during the holiday season, understanding where your marketing dollars are going is vital. While there are plenty of Amazon advertising opportunities to take advantage of throughout the entire year, the end of the year is one of the busiest and most successful times to sell your products on Amazon, and the increased consumer traffic can lead to an increase in competition between sellers. Knowing how to optimize your holiday spend and increase conversions can help push your brand ahead of your competitors for a truly successful holiday shopping season.

Optimize Your Content

Luckily for brands, the Amazon team realized how critical this holiday shopping season is for brands and have plenty of resources available to help optimize ads and product listings. From ensuring all your campaigns are set up correctly to learning how to read Amazon reports, making sure your campaigns are optimized can go a long way, especially during a season when everyone is fighting for the same precious online real estate.

Optimizing your content also extends to, of course, your product listings. The holiday season is the perfect time to go back and do a thorough ‘content audit’ of all your listings to check photographs, product descriptions, and any A+ content you might have on your pages. This is also a great time to ensure all keywords are updated and that your products are actually ranking for the terms you’re paying for.

Another way to optimize your advertising content is to expand your advertising options across different campaigns. If your brand is heavily invested in Sponsored Products, why not give Lighting Deals or Headline Search Ads a spin? Diversifying your campaigns can help different types of consumers find you across the vast Amazon platform.

Use Your Advertising Reports and Data to Optimize Your Campaigns

The best plan of attack here is to research consumer trends and popular Amazon keyword searches, determine whether or not these search terms are relevant to your products or if they would add significant value, and then up your advertising spend to include these keywords. Unfortunately, keyword prices might go up during the holidays, which makes the research and evaluation step of this process so critical. You want to invest your advertising dollars in focused, high-converting keywords. Take the time to ensure you’re finding the ones that work the best for your organization.

Increase Your Budget

Finally, the holiday season is the perfect time to invest extra dollars in your advertising budget. Because brands can usually put a finite timeline around how long the ‘holiday shopping season’ lasts, it’s easy to run extra ads with more expensive keywords for a short period of time.

Managing and optimizing ads on Amazon can be tricky throughout the entire year, but during the holiday season the pressure really increases. We hope these tips will help you optimize your Amazon advertising this season and give you back some time to shop for those last minute gifts! 

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