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Advertising on Amazon: What are Sponsored Products?

Mar 26, 2018 1:14:28 PM

Sponsored Products on Amazon

As your brand becomes more advanced with selling products on Amazon, it’s time to take a look at another ad campaign type available: sponsored products. If you’ve ever purchased anything on Amazon, sponsored products probably sound familiar as they’re the products that show up at the top of the search results. For marketers familiar with other PPC or digital ad campaigns, sponsored products operate similarly to Google Adwords. Just as the ‘sponsored results’ show up first in a Google search, Amazon sponsored products also appear at the top of the listings page.

With sponsored product campaigns, brands can proactively place specific products directly in front of customers who are searching for corresponding keywords associated with the products. This makes it easier for brands to connect with engaged consumers while also allowing consumers to find what they’re looking for quickly – a win-win for both parties.

Sponsored product campaigns are a great choice for brands that want to engage with customers who are looking to buy and who might not need to evaluate all of the product options. Sponsored products make it easy and accessible for customers to get in and get out – essentially bringing the Amazon concept of on-demand shopping full-circle.


Sponsored products also work with any platform a customer may be using to access Amazon, be it a desktop, smartphone, or the app, further increasing a brand’s opportunity for conversions. Leveraging sponsored product ad campaigns can help expand a brand’s audience reach, attracting consumers who might have been throwing out keywords just to look around. 

Effectively Manage Ad Campaigns on Amazon

Unfortunately, leveraging Amazon sponsored products isn’t something brands can just turn on and off at will. Brands must place bids on certain keywords associated with the product, and then only if this bid ‘wins’ will a sponsored ad get shown to prospective customers. Brands must have a clear understanding of the product listings on Amazon, what customers are searching on the site, and the most used keywords. A single seller, like SupplyKick, can help manage this campaign process without producing errors.

Having a dedicated team of professionals managing and optimizing advertising campaigns on Amazon – especially sponsored product campaigns – helps brands increase sales without additional manual processes. The team of professionals at SupplyKick helps brands understand their Amazon audience, position products to sell, and effectively manage winning ad campaigns. We dig deep into the data and metrics to uncover the most appropriate keywords for each product, the right audiences, and best content to take Amazon sponsored products to the next level.

As an added bonus, since SupplyKick actually buys product wholesale from brands before selling on Amazon, all your brand needs to worry about is when our team is going to call to order more product. Get in touch and start optimizing Amazon ads today!

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash
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