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Protect Your FBA Store From Amazon Overcharges

May 5, 2020 8:37:59 AM

Amazon processes, manages, and catalogues millions of products every day. They’re bound to make some mistakes. But, when Amazon makes a mistake during this stage, it can result in lost inventory and more often than not, a huge loss for the seller.

That is why, if you’re selling on Amazon, it’s crucial that you monitor your Seller or Vendor Central account to ensure you receive all refunds and reimbursements on lost, damaged, or returned products.

Some other common issues sellers experience are:

  • Items catalogued in the wrong category
  • Lost inventory
  • Inventory that is not reimbursed

These can all lead to unexpected fees and challenges. There are a couple of ways sellers can ensure they avoid these types of charges from Amazon.

1. Audit Product Categories

When Amazon inaccurately re-categorizes your product as “oversized” (or any irregular classification), sellers begin the long process of contacting Amazon to ensure this error is reversed.

Auditing your products’ categories is important and can ensure healthy margins.


2. Track and Monitor all Shipments

There is no guarantee your products will arrive and be processed correctly at the Amazon warehouse. In fact, sellers have reported Amazon frequently loses shipments or processes them as containing less product than they actually do. When Amazon makes these mistakes, you lose products, money, and time those products could be selling.

Closely track and monitor your products from shipment to arrival at the Amazon warehouse to ensure all products arrive as expected. If a shipment is received incorrectly you can make a case to be reimbursed for the lost inventory.


3. Audit Your Account for Discrepancies

Amazon refunds customers even if they return a different product in one of your boxes. This refund comes directly from your account and the charges can add up and eat directly into your profitability.

Take a deep dive into your Seller or Vendor Central account and search for warehouse inventory discrepancies or damages that you have not been reimbursed for and then file claims with Amazon.


Protect Your Products from Amazon Overcharges

Selling on Amazon can be hugely beneficial for brands but comes with its challenges, especially if a brand experiences lost, damaged, or miscategorized inventory.

Our team of logistics experts audit all Amazon charges and ensure everything is categorized correctly. On top of this they have years of experience dealing with the complexities of fulfillment by Amazon. Because of this, we have been able to reimburse thousands of dollars annually for lost and damaged inventory.

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