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Amazon Success Story: Eagle Lights - Transitioning from a Third Party Seller

May 6, 2020 11:14:26 AM

The Brand

Eagle Lights is a Connecticut-based manufacturer of high quality LED headlights; since 2005 they have sold premium LED headlights and car accessories exclusively online.


The Challenge

As an online-only retailer, Eagle Lights sells its products on a variety of ecommerce marketplaces. Prior to partnering with SupplyKick, Eagle Lights utilized another third party seller to help sell their products on Amazon. However, due to a lack of reporting, poor communication, and pricing issues caused by the seller, Eagle Lights decided to step away. They began searching for an online retail partner that would provide them with a dedicated account manager who would advocate for their products, take on the day-to-day management of their product listings, and execute a winning Amazon strategy.


The Solution

In the beginning of the partnership, Eagle Lights only sold a few items to SupplyKick due to some hesitancy over their past relationship with the other third party seller. Within a month, Eagle Lights was ready to expand the assortment based on their strong working relationship with their SupplyKick account manager. They were delivering exactly what they needed to be successful: monthly sales reporting, optimized listings updates, and consistent communication.

Eagle Lights products were photographed by SupplyKick’s in-house photographer, their products’ titles bullet points, product descriptions were updated with keyword-rich content, and SupplyKick designed custom A+ Content for the listings. These content updates were just another responsibility Eagle Lights was hoping to hand off to Amazon experts

Eagle Lights wanted more free time to focus on expanding into other channels so they passed off the day-to-day management of Amazon advertising to SupplyKick. SupplyKick invested their own money into ad spend for Eagle Lights and grew their ad sales over 100%. SupplyKick’s advertising team continuously works to refine spend on Eagle Lights advertising campaigns for greater efficiency and better return.

“We were apprehensive about working with another Amazon partner. However, our dedicated account manager kept us informed and listened to all of our suggestions. This made it very easy to do business with SupplyKick.” - Keith Remy, Chief Technical Officer at Eagle Lights.


The Results

Since partnering with Eagle Lights in November 2019, sales have outperformed forecast by 20% and SupplyKick has tripled their product assortment quarter over quarter. Moving forward, both parties are excited to continue expanding into new products, while Eagle Lights is able to focus on developing new solutions for their customers.

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