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Amazon Success Story: Mac Sports

Mario Formica
Sep 11, 2019 10:58:00 AM

The Brand

Mac Sports is a multi-million dollar manufacturer of outdoor sporting equipment that specializes in collapsible wagons.


The Challenge

Mac Sports experienced early success on Amazon before partnering with SupplyKick. However, after an analysis of competitive products and customer feedback, SupplyKick observed Mac Sports was missing out on sales by not manufacturing key size and color variations. SupplyKick approached Mac Sports and offered to launch the recommended products on Amazon.


The Solution

Mac Sports agreed to launch 7 new products on Amazon with SupplyKick as the exclusive seller. After agreeing to purchase product up-front, SupplyKick pulled from its previous research and identified important keywords to guide execution. In accordance with Amazon SEO best practices, a SupplyKick Amazon listing includes search-optimized titles and descriptions, bullet points that demonstrate a product’s value, and high-quality photography, all of which are handled by SupplyKick free of charge. Additionally, because collapsible wagons are a highly saturated product on Amazon, SupplyKick created a product video and added Enhanced Brand Content to differentiate Mac Sports from the competition.

To grow Mac Sports’ sales, SupplyKick pays for, manages, and optimizes paid advertising campaigns on Amazon. Mac Sports products appear in both Sponsored Products and Headline Search advertisements for maximum marketplace saturation. Additionally, SupplyKick actively generates product reviews and answers customer questions to build trust between the Amazon shopper and Mac Sports’ products.

One of the most difficult aspects to manage for high-volume products is seasonality. As a heavy summer-seasonal brand, Mac Sports products not only run the risk of stocking out in-season, but also over-stocking when exiting season. However, Mac Sports regularly collaborates with the SupplyKick team on inventory management and production forecasting. All shipping costs and storage fees are absorbed by SupplyKick, saving Mac Sports hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Mac Sports products also remain eligible for Prime-shipping.


The Results

After partnering with SupplyKick to launch 7 exclusive new products, Mac Sports sold over 50,000 units on Amazon and earned over $5.5 million in sales across the Amazon platform. With over $150,000 invested in advertising by SupplyKick, SupplyKick combined winning marketing, advertising, and seasonal forecasting strategies to ensure the success of Mac Sports on Amazon.

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