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Amazon Success Story: Dometic

Mario Formica
Jul 18, 2019 10:45:00 AM

The Brand

Dometic is a global, multi-billion dollar manufacturer of mobile living products, including parts and accessories for RVs, boats, trucks, and camping vehicles.


The Challenge

As a large manufacturer, Dometic owns multiple brands and product lines. Each product line requires its own Amazon strategy across logistics, marketing, advertising, and brand management. Rather than hire a costly in-house Amazon team, Dometic decided to collaborate with SupplyKick on its Atwood, Fan-Tastic Vent, and Dometic RV brands to grow sales on Amazon.


The Solution

In any retail channel, a diverse product mix requires diverse logistics and inventory management expertise. Different products must be ordered and shipped in appropriate quantities, utilizing different shipping methods and carriers. Dometic utilizes SupplyKick’s logistics team to ship all of its products into Amazon at zero cost to Dometic. All Dometic products represented by SupplyKick are available via Amazon Prime.

While Dometic shoppers share some broad interests, every Dometic brand has a unique marketing and advertising strategy on Amazon. For each set of products, SupplyKick performed keyword research and curated content in accordance with Amazon SEO best practices. A SupplyKick Amazon listing includes search-optimized titles and descriptions, bullet points that demonstrate a product’s value, and high-quality photography, all of which are handled by SupplyKick free of charge. Each brand’s paid keywords are also aligned with the listing content to increase shopper click-through and conversion rates.

Finally, brand management and intellectual property enforcement is even more important when handling multiple brands. SupplyKick ensures that Dometic’s Amazon presence is aligned with its products’ presentation across other retail channels, including adherence to Dometic’s Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP), answering customer questions, and monitoring product reviews. Additionally, Dometic collaborates with the SupplyKick marketing team to guarantee each product is represented with the correct brand guidelines and imagery.


The Results

After partnering with SupplyKick for one year, Dometic grew their sales on Amazon by 30% and increased unit sales by 44%, due in large part to SupplyKick's customized brand strategy across all Dometic product lines on the Amazon marketplace.

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