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Success Story: Johnson Hardware - The Single Seller Approach on Amazon

Mario Formica
Jan 10, 2019 11:01:00 AM

The Brand

Johnson Hardware is an Indiana-based, multi-million dollar manufacturer of sliding, folding, and pocket door hardware.


The Challenge

Before partnering with SupplyKick, Johnson products were sold by a wide variety of third party sellers who operated independently from Johnson Hardware. These sellers had poor seller ratings, inconsistent prices, and substandard or inaccurate content. They also didn’t offer Prime shipping for Johnson products and did not invest in any platform marketing. Wanting to regain control of their brand on Amazon, Johnson Hardware turned to SupplyKick as an end-to-end Amazon partner.


The Solution

Johnson Hardware quickly alleviated Amazon fulfillment headaches by partnering with
SupplyKick’s logistics team. In addition to hundreds of products becoming eligible for Prime shipping, SupplyKick also regularly collaborates with Johnson Hardware on inventory management and demand forecasting. Johnson Hardware saves hundreds of thousands of dollars each year as all shipping costs and storage fees are absorbed by SupplyKick.

Once SupplyKick received inventory, Johnson Hardware listings were quickly revamped using Amazon SEO best practices. A SupplyKick Amazon listing includes search-optimized titles and descriptions, bullet points that demonstrate a product’s value, and high-quality photography, all of which are handled by SupplyKick free of charge.

SupplyKick also completed the Amazon Brand Registry process on behalf of Johnson Hardware to protect its product listings from unwanted or substandard contributions. Finally, Johnson Hardware product listings were outfitted with Enhanced Brand Content to better showcase product dimensions, increase conversion rate, and improve the Amazon shopper experience.

Additionally, SupplyKick pays for, manages, and optimizes advertising campaigns on behalf of its partners. For Johnson Hardware, SupplyKick utilizes Sponsored Products and Headline Search advertisements, as well as an Amazon Storefront. A multi-faceted advertising strategy allows Johnson's products to dominate the competition on Amazon, and SupplyKick has greater ability to optimize its campaigns as a single selling partner.

Finally, like all SupplyKick partners, Johnson Hardware works with a dedicated partner success manager to set goals and mitigate potential risk on Amazon. In addition to price monitoring and full-time, dedicated customer-service representatives, SupplyKick proactively analyzes customer feedback to pounce on potential issues. As a team, SupplyKick and Johnson Hardware regularly evaluate and iterate on performance targets.


The Results

After just one year of partnering with SupplyKick, Johnson Hardware grew their year-over-year sales revenue on Amazon by 111%. Unit sales on Amazon grew by 122%, due in large part to the traffic driven to the listing from paid advertisements. With the money invested by SupplyKick into on-platform advertisements, Johnson Hardware's traffic ballooned by 130% compared to the previous year. These numbers are just the start of a successful long-term partnership.