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New Extra-Large Inventory Category Limit for FBA: How Does This Impact Amazon Sellers?

Alyssa Prevost
May 11, 2022 5:22:44 PM

Amazon announces Extra-large inventory for Fulfilled by Amazon sellers

In late April, Amazon announced they’ve created a fifth restock category: Extra-Large. Amazon’s categories included Standard, Oversized, Apparel, and Footwear, and they have now introduced Extra-Large.

The dimensions for Extra-Large are as follows:

  • Largest side is 96"+
  • Girth is 130"+  [Girth equals (median side plus shortest side) multiplied by two.]
  • Weight is 50lbs+

Here are the differences specified by Amazon between Oversize and Extra-Large:The difference between Amazon Oversized and Amazon Extra-Large inventory categories


What Does This Mean for Amazon Sellers?

Amazon launched their Extra-Large category on April 19, 2022, stating: “If you have existing inventory that meets the criteria for the extra-large storage type, it will be removed automatically from oversize storage type and reclassified as extra-large. No action from you is required.” Both Individual and Professional selling accounts may be subject to restock limits for extra-large items.

If a brand's inventory level for extra-large units is currently over the new restock limit, Amazon is removing the brand's ability to ship products to their Fulfillment Centers within that category. This is a similar situation to what’s been happening with FBA restock limits over the past year.

We speculate that they are rolling this new category out ahead of Prime Day to clear up space in their warehouses for Amazon’s own products. In addition, this new category could play into Amazon’s continuing mission to free up storage space for brands that can sell more units but take up less capacity in their warehouses.

Time will tell—and as a wholesale seller ourselves and an Amazon seller consultant, SupplyKick is dedicated to keeping a close eye on this as well as updating our partners with any new developments! SupplyKick will notify our partners directly if this new category is affecting your FBA stock limitations.


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