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Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listings: A Monthly Checklist

Sep 18, 2020 12:10:58 PM

Blog_Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listings

Selling on Amazon is a lot like fishing—if you want to catch anything, you've got to use the right lure. And when it comes to catching Amazon customers, your lure is your product's detail page. 

A product listing, or a product detail page, consists of many marketing elements: title, keywords, photography, bullet points, A+ Content, product descriptions and even the ‘In Stock’ button. Between making sure the content on your detail pages are optimized, engaging directly with consumers, running paid campaigns, and aggregating metrics, monitoring your product detail page is a full-time job. But it is the attention to detail that will make your product stand out.

The only way to bait and catch shoppers on Amazon is by understanding how to manage and maintain an optimized Amazon listing. Here’s a quick checklist and summary of what you should be doing on a monthly basis:

Monthly Checklist: Amazon Product Listing

Update keywords on your product listing to stay relevant

One of the easiest changes a brand can make to drive more conversions is by optimizing the keywords used in your Amazon product listing. Depending on the size and variety of your product assortment, you'll want to frequently make sure your product listing keywords remain relevant to Amazon’s SEO algorithm, and the search volume for them remains high. You can do this using a variety of free software such as Google Trends or Sonar Tool and seeing which keywords are ranking at this moment. At SupplyKick we use an Amazon-specific keyword tool to ensure the highest-ranking keywords are used.

If traffic and conversion on a product is not where you want it to be, don't be afraid to do some SEO research and change up the keywords on your product's listing. You’ll be surprised with the results.


Monthly Checklist: Amazon Product Listing

Stay on top of managing advertising deals & promotions

Advertising your products and/or putting them on sale is a great way to take advantage of seasonal trends such as increased buying near the holidays—it’s also a great way to move more stock than normal if you are trying to clear out inventory.

Managing paid advertising on Amazon is simply not the same as other channels. Amazon advertisers must pay attention to the Buy Box, the competitiveness of a specific category, and detail page placements vs. search placements. A successful Amazon advertising strategy takes time and effort to implement, manage, and see results.

Each day a promotion is running, you’ll want to make sure your bid is competitive, gauge your results, and adjust your Amazon advertising strategy accordingly.


Monthly Checklist: Amazon Product Listing

Plan, track & adjust your inventory forecast

What’s the point of driving shoppers to your product detail page if you don’t have any inventory? Well, there isn’t. In fact, if your product is out of stock it most likely won’t even appear in Amazon’s search results. That’s why creating an accurate inventory forecast for your brand is essential. When you forecast how much inventory you’ll need on hand to meet demand without being overstocked, it’s imperative to understand the different types of demand and be on the lookout for trends.

Each day, your inventory forecast will need to be reevaluated according to your latest data. Whether you’re selling yourself or selling direct to Amazon, accurately forecasting inventory levels is an important part to being successful on the Amazon marketplace.


Monthly Checklist: Amazon Product Listing

Quickly correct issues with your listings

Amazon carries millions of products and caters to more than 197 million customers every month. In a digital marketplace of this size, it’s nearly impossible to keep your product listing free of errors—in fact, listing errors such as missing copy or a missing photograph are very common.

When any type of error on your product detail page happens, it’s important to act quickly. Contact Amazon Seller Support and figure out the quickest solution to get your Amazon listing back in the best shape.

The longer you wait to fix these listing errors, the more likely they are to be irreversible, so it’s important to regularly track your listing and ensure it’s always up to date.


Let SupplyKick manage your Amazon product listings

Whether you’re managing one product on Amazon or 100, there are various, time-consuming day-to-day tasks that go into managing a product listing.

At SupplyKick, we have experience optimizing thousands of our partners' Amazon product listings so they can focus on big picture goals like business expansion and new products. Connect with us today and learn about our two types of partnerships.

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