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3 Ways to Take Advantage of Amazon Prime Day as a Seller

Jul 10, 2018 12:04:34 PM

As a seller on Amazon, you’re probably well aware of Amazon Prime Day looming not so far away in the distance. At SupplyKick, we know how busy this time of year is with all of the prep that goes into running a successful Prime Day campaign. We’ve helped dozens of sellers increase Prime Day sales, and this year we’re sharing our secrets with the world. Here are three ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals as a seller to better discount your products, attract more customers, and move inventory.

1. Look for Open Lighting Deals and Jump on Them

As customers, we’ve all seen Lightning Deals on Prime Day and jumped on them like hot cakes. These Lighting Deals, also known as the Gold Box deals, are available all year long to Amazon shoppers, but they take on a new life during Prime Day (which is swiftly becoming more like a Prime Week). Lighting Deals can be found across the Amazon platform and are especially prominent on the home page during Prime Day. These types of deals are only available for a short period of time and usually have a countdown clock to help drive urgency. Lightning Deals are available one per customer and expire as soon as all of the inventory is claimed. Lightning deals often increase sales on other products across a brand’s line which can help increase overall revenue on Prime Day.   

It’s important to take note that there is a fee involved when running Lighting Deals, and these fees are increased during Prime Day. Some sellers report that it costs up to $500 just to run a single Lightning Deal on Prime Day. For brands looking to increase sales without paying exorbitant fees, third party sellers like SupplyKick are the way to go. With SupplyKick shouldering the cost of paying for Lightning Deals, all you have to do is sit back and watch the sales roll in.

2. Participate in a Best Deals Week

If you have a little more flexibility and want to spread your deal across more than just one day, then Best Deals week is for you. As a Best Deal or Deal of the Day, your product will be featured alongside other deals for a set period of time — from one day to two weeks depending on your deal — in a featured box on Amazon’s homepage. Although these deals happen outside of Prime Day as well, the frenzied Amazon-specific 24-hour period is when they really start to hit home.

For sellers, Best Deals puts your products in front of more buyers at the right time. It’s also apparent from past vendor success that having a Best Deal running during Prime Day greatly increases the sales figures of other products on the marketplace. After all, tens of millions of people bought something on Amazon during Prime Day 2017. Best Deals increases the chances that just a handful of those millions will click on your product.

3. Plan Ahead for Prime Day Itself

And, of course, the best way to take advantage of Prime Day is to let your products work for you. Plan well in advance for maximum success. Things like optimized product listings, increased attention to inventory, and increased advertising spend can help attract new customers and increase sales.

On Amazon Prime Day, more customers will be on Amazon than any other day, resulting in sales spikes for brands and products in every department. Prime Day is unique in that it is one of the only days where Amazon will actively push FBA partner vendors in front of customers. If your brand is selling on Amazon, this is the day to take advantage of all the marketplace has to offer.

Succeed on Amazon Prime Day with SupplyKick
Sure, Prime Day is fun as a customer. But as a vendor, it can be nerve-wracking and exhausting if you don’t have a clear plan in place. SupplyKick can help your team prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2018 by taking care of all the logistics details and to-do’s that can (and will) pop up. From dealing with inventory management to shipping to Amazon warehouses to optimizing Amazon product listings, the SupplyKick team is full of experts on all things Prime Day. Read more about how your team can prepare in advance for Amazon Prime Day 2018 here.

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