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Success Story: Oneida Air Systems - Seasonality & Forecasting on Amazon

Nov 8, 2019 11:01:00 AM

The Brand

Oneida Air Systems is a leading New York-based manufacturer of dust collection systems.


The Challenge

With the right strategy in place, seasonal products can drastically boost sales on Amazon. However, they can also create inventory management problems and outsize fees for Amazon sellers, especially those utilizing Amazon FBA. As dust collection systems are a winter seasonal product in the United States, one of the key aspects of SupplyKick’s partnership with Oneida Air Systems is the effective management of seasonal inventory.


The Solution

To ensure there is enough product to meet increased demand, Oneida Air Systems collaborates with SupplyKick on production forecasting. As a result, Oneida is able to manufacture the proper level of inventory for its Amazon channel, and SupplyKick orders said inventory in appropriate quantities throughout the season. Any shipping or storage fees are absorbed by SupplyKick at no cost to Oneida Air Systems. In the past year, Oneida Air Systems avoided any stockouts of their top-selling Amazon product while all products remained eligible for Amazon Prime.

Because SupplyKick manages inventory effectively, partners like Oneida Air Systems see a substantial investment in their brand. In accordance with Amazon SEO best practices, a SupplyKick Amazon listing includes search-optimized titles and descriptions, bullet points that demonstrate a product’s value, and high-quality photography, all of which are handled by SupplyKick free of charge. Additionally, to take advantage of increased searches during peak season, Oneida Air Systems products were outfitted with Enhanced Brand Content to increase conversion rate.

Oneida Air Systems also receives an aggressive advertising push during the winter months. SupplyKick runs a variety of promotions, raises bids on popular keywords, and increases the overall advertising budget for Oneida Air Systems. Oneida reaps the benefits of an advertising strategy optimized for peak season without paying any charge-backs.

Finally, more sales volume during the winter means more potential risk. In addition to price monitoring, SupplyKick’s dedicated customer service team answers all customer service inquiries within 24 hours. A factor in Amazon SEO, Oneida Air Systems’ products are tagged as “Amazon’s Choice” for dust collection systems due, in part, to SupplyKick’s near-perfect seller rating.


The Results

After partnering with SupplyKick, Oneida Air Systems grew their year-over-year sales revenue on Amazon by 69% during peak season. Conversion on Amazon increased by 35%, due in large part to the elimination of stockouts and more than $30,000 invested in advertising by SupplyKick. These numbers are just the start of a successful long-term partnership.

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