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How to Grow Your Sales on Amazon

Apr 10, 2019 5:08:40 PM

With years of experience selling on Amazon, we’ve learned how to navigate the Amazon marketplace to help great brands maximize their sales and delight customers. Our targeted approach to Amazon selling helps brands increase their conversion and sales between 70-111% year over year.

We took a sample of 54 of our ASINs across a variety of categories and analyzed their conversion rates as we updated their listings, and here’s what we found:

Updating titles, bullet points, and product descriptions with keyword rich copy products saw an average increase in conversion rate of 29%. Inserting keywords that match a customer’s search leads to more clicks and more conversions. Using keywords that address the needs of the customer and show why your product matches those needs is critical to creating successful copy.

We also use visual elements to drive traffic and increase time spent on the listing. Professional, high-quality photos create a compelling story to shoppers and encourage them to click into your product listing. Enhanced Brand Content then serves as a visual extension of a product description, showing how to use or install the product and keeping people on the page longer. The combination of adding and optimizing these visual elements increases conversion by another 55% on average.

When updating all aspects of the listing, these 54 listings saw an 84% average increase in conversion rate, translating to an 84% increase in sales. While these tactics are simple, it is the time and attention from subject-matter experts that can make the difference between an average and an exceptional listing.

At SupplyKick, every one of our partners receives a full suite of marketing, advertising, and inventory services. Our team of Amazon experts ensures that our partners products stand out above the rest, and the sales to prove it. Reach out to us today to see how SupplyKick can create these results for your brand.

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