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How Do MAP Policy Violations Impact My Brand?

May 23, 2017 9:17:32 AM

MAP Violations Amazon

As you consider your brand’s reputation in online marketplaces like Amazon, don’t take MAP policy violators for granted. Re-sellers violate your MAP policy when they sell your products below the agreed upon minimum advertised price, winning the Buy Box war, but causing several negative repercussions to your brand.

Not only do these MAP policy violations impact the consumer’s image of your brand, but they also affect your ability to sell your products to brick and mortar stores. Because Amazon’s presence is so visual, brick and mortar retailers may be unwilling to pay the full cost for your product because of the price they see online, even if the re-sellers in question were unauthorized to discount your product below the minimum advertised price.

SupplyKick Partner Success Manager Jake Smith explains the potential fallout that can result if MAP policy violations go unaddressed.


One way to avoid these kinds of situations is to do your research and partner with a seller who has your brand’s best interests in mind and will follow your MAP policy. Learn how a partnership with SupplyKick can benefit your brand and improve your online marketplace experience.

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